Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Thursday 2nd May 2024

Leighton Hall, kind of
Yeah, I know . . . I didn't catch M**** at the best time here . . . a bit of a frown going on. Still, I'm loving the light from the setting sun in these pictures. I think we started of from somewhere near Leighton Moss and headed towards Leighton Hall, I believe.

Friday 10th May 2024

Northern Lights, part one
By way of explanation for the pictures taken today and in the early hours of Saturday. We got a message from A****** at 23:14 with an intriguing picture of some aurora borealis type effect in the skies over Liverpool. I initially suspected another wind-up, but as the Horton's left our house a bit later, we noticed 'something' in the skies. Sat out in the back garden, something was definitely going on, and many pictures ensued. At first, I was hurrying to get my camera set up, and so the focus (and various other settings) wasn't set correctly. Eventually I managed to get the camera configured correctly, and pointed the camera at various parts of the sky with a 10 - 15 second exposure. Definitely one of those rare events where the phenomena was strong enough to reach us in this part of the country AND there were no clouds. Incredible.

Saturday 11th May 2024

Northern Lights, part two

Sunday 12th May 2024

Well, that's weird. These two photos have the same filename as two other pictures taken the previous day. How is that possible?! So I've have had to manually rename them. Hmmmmm, not good. Anyway, these two pictures are all that I have from a walk around Clougha done today. Parked at Rigg Lane car park, walked along the road and then went back via Clougha.

Monday 13th May 2024

Probably just clouds
After the amazing display of northern lights recently, I wondered if we would be treated to any further displays, but perhaps not. Are these just plain old clouds, albeit kind of interesting and streaky? Managed to capture what could be a shooting star though. In fact, if you look closely at that middle picture, it looks like several streaks all emanating from roughly the same point.

Saturday 25th May 2024