Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Saturday 2nd June 2012

Hest Bank
P6023425.JPGP6023424.JPGA couple of pictures of A****** sitting on one of those massive rocks on the 'beach' at Hest Bank.

Monday 4th June 2012

Shopping for something

Tuesday 5th June 2012

Brock Holes
P6053426.JPGP6053427.JPGP6053429.JPGP6053430.JPG It could be called Brock Hole, it could be called Brockholes, it could be called Brockhole. I'm too lazy even to do the most basic of Google searches to find it. It doesn't really matter anyway. So . . . where we were? At this Brook Hoole place, having a decidedly English picnic. Note I'm wearing a thick jumper. It's cold. It's raining. But - DAMN IT! - we shall have a picnic. The children played around in the park, we went for a walk around the lake, stuff like that. Then I think the four of us went to The Swan for dinner. The sounds about right.

Friday 8th June 2012

R******'s Birthday!
So there's R****** sporting his beloved 'glow up' Buzz Lightyear, one of his birthday presents and probably the favourite of the lot. Well, from us anyway. Erm . . . it always puzzled me this: A****** already has a Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story 1 vintage. Battery still works, everything's still in place, all good. A****** doesn't really use that Buzz Lightyear a huge amount, R****** playing with it far more than A******, so why the need for a 'glow up' Buzz Lightyear (of the Toy Story 2 vintage)? Who knows what craziness goes through a three year old boy's head? And I kept saying to him, "But the two Buzz Lightyears didn't exactly get along in Toy Story 2, did they, R******?" but he didn't care. So there he is, with his own 'glow up' Buzz Lightyear, all happy. Later on, we had a birthday party dinner for R******, A****** and their cousins.

Saturday 9th June 2012

But what to do with hair?
20120609_214709.jpg20120609_214711.jpg20120609_220018.jpgI dunno if M****** wanted me to publish these or not. Can't hurt, can it? Anyway, yeah . . . these pictures had been lurking on my phone for ages so I figure time to move to the web-site.

Sunday 10th June 2012

Oh dear. What happened today?
P6103462.JPGP6103460.JPGP6103459.JPG Yes. Today went a little bit wrong. The idea was simple: take the boys on a surprise day out, that surprise being Southport. It's got the sea, loads of sand, amusement arcades, this massive long pier, decent places to eat . . . blah, blah, blah. What could possibly go wrong? Well, long story short: R****** got into a rage during the lunch (this is not long after we arrived there) at Pizza Express. A Pizza Express that was largely deserted but still had appalling service and had numerous errors on the bill (two coffees? Hello?!) that I only spotted much later on. Grrrrr. Later on, A****** got into a sulk about . . . god knows what . . . not winning any prizes in an amusement arcade and then, about ten minutes later, about not being aloud to go to another amusement arcade. R****** managed to run off at one point, whilst I was with A****** and M****** was elsewhere with R******. M****** effectively lost R****** at that point, but he was actually just hiding behind some bushes. Yeah, thanks, R****** - hilarious. So yeah . . . not the best day ever. Bought my wedding trousers though.

Thursday 14th June 2012

Is this how you measure a table?
20120614_195109.jpgI dunno what's going on here (yet again). I think M****** was trying to get a sense for the size of the tables being used at our wedding venue. Something like that. Where's the tape measure, one should be wondering.

Friday 15th June 2012

Wedding preparations
Well, of course, the past six months (or thereabouts) had been pretty much about wedding preparations, but today (or more precisely, Thursday evening) was when we actually got the keys for Over Wyresdale Village Hall. I had taken the day off work and today was all about getting the hall set up. A****** and R****** were with Pop and Cathie and weren't due back until the evening. I had to return to the hall in the evening (whilst M****** stayed at home with the boys) and finish off various bits and pieces, but it was all worth it, as you can see or as you would have seen if you were there the following day, of course. I think I left at about 21:15, Mouse and Simon not far behind.

Saturday 16th June 2012

The Marriage of Jonath and M******!
P6160037.jpgSam, one of many 'unofficial' photographers, took all of the above pictures. Below, we have all the pictures that Rosie (official photographer!) took. Shame I had to make these thumbnails rather small, but there's just so many amazing pictures here and this page would take quite a long time to load with bigger thumbnails.
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. . . and furthermore, here are some pictures taken by Mouse:

Sunday 17th June 2012

P6173486.JPGP6173482.JPGP6173480.JPGP6173479.JPG Here be some of the amazing flower arrangements Mouse did. After the wedding, some flowers went to guests, some to Helen and Stu and I'm guessing the rest went to us. Amazingly they all went in the transit van and made it back to our house fairly intact, just suffering a little water spillage and nothing more.

Sunday 24th June 2012

Around about Leighton Hall
Yeah, sure, we been here many times, but we love it. The weather was gorgeous and there were no huge dogs trying to be 'friendly' towards R****** (why is it always R******?). We stopped somewhere along the walk in this area of the woods that always seems to have a kind 'meeting place' feel to it, perhaps it's the layout of the limestone, the kind of stepped effect . . . I dunno. The children got busy building some kind of den but they looked more like ladders to me. But hey, they were happy.

Wednesday 27th June 2012

I think some kind of beaver thing from Cub Scouts

Thursday 28th June 2012

. . . continued from yesterday

Saturday 30th June 2012

We had lunch at the café at Sizergh (?!) and then went for a wander somewhere nearby. It was kind of a circular walk, in an area where we've never really been before. Lyth Valley, perhaps they call it, or perhaps that's just the name of the valley we're looking out across in a couple of these photos.