Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Saturday 19th March 2011

The power lost as heat in the wires is proportional to the square of the current

Sunday 20th March 2011

Family meal at the Boot & Shoe
img_6496.jpgimg_6491.jpgimg_6489.jpg Hello. Here we are at the Boot & Shoe (or Boot & Shoot, as A****** used to call it). We were here in remembrance of what happened exactly a year ago to the day. The Boot & Shoe was my parents' local, so it seemed kind of appropriate.

Saturday 26th March 2011

Here we are somewhere at the top of Warton Cragg, I think. And check out all these freaky little dens. Well, okay, I might have only photographed one of them, but there was another in the making (which I added a few logs and sticks to) and several other around and about.

Sunday 27th March 2011

Fell Foot park
img_6516.jpgimg_6517.jpgimg_6519.jpg Hello. Today we went to Fell Foot park, as should be obvious from the photos . . . well, obvious if you know what Fell Foot park is, if you've been there. Not so much, if not.
img_6530.jpgimg_6529.jpgimg_6528.jpgimg_6527.jpgimg_6522.jpgimg_6520.jpg So yeah . . . we had a picnic, the children had a little explore of the park, we went to the playground, so what next? Of course - rowing boats! Maybe we should have hired two, come to think of it - one with me and A****** and the other with R****** and M****. Would that have worked? Dunno. But we hired this rowing boat and the boys were initially a bit freaked (christ, A******, you've been on a rowing boat before, don't you remember?) but then soon cheered up when I started bashing the buoys with the oars. Well, you know, if it makes them laugh and it's not causing harm to others then why not? Incidentally, A****** has also been in a rowing boat when no less than 10 weeks old. I took those first two pictures and A****** took the others.