Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Sunday 6th February 2011

Lunch at The Stork
img_6421.jpgIt was chucking it down today and howling a gale on top of that. Howling a gale?! Is that an expression? Well, obviously it is an expression but is it a common expression or have I kind of mixed up metaphors or something? Anyway, so . . . perfect day to be inside a pub. Plus, The Stork had this fantastic play area for the children, so everyone was happy. Well, there was a slight issue with the children's meal (R****** not liking the pasta; possibly overly seasoned) but apart from that, it was all good. Good food, good beer. Mmmmmmm. Yeah, so . . . we met Rob, Rosie and Freddie (pictured in the photograph) there, along with their newest addition to their family, Maggie (barely over 3 months old).

Saturday 12th February 2011

Grizedale, via Bogle Crag

Saturday 19th February 2011

Croome Park

Saturday 26th February 2011

Partly cloudy
Yeah, see, we bought A****** (well, not really A******; it's more something for the house) this magnetic calendar thing, where you have to update it daily with the date and the weather, but then you have days like today where it's cloudy, then sunny, then partly cloudy . . . and you're never really sure where it's going. So yeah . . . feels like I haven't written anything here of substance for almost a year. Blimey. Currently, we be getting the loft converted into another room, which is now almost finished. They've been working on that for about three weeks now, or so it seems. A cavalcade of plumbers, joiners, electricians and plasterers - Dan, Stu, Jason, Andy, Gav, Pete, Mike (one syllable names are the norm) and various others. But yeah . . . that's almost done. I ought to get some pictures up as it's looking pretty good now, with two Velux windows looking out south-east towards Clougha, Bowerham and, further on, Inskip and the Fylde. Currently, we be waiting for the plaster to dry. Once that's dry, the joiners will finish off a few bits and pieces, fix the ladder thing in place and then (I think) we're done. Then I need to get busy painting it all. Joy, joy, joy.

img_6461.jpgimg_6459.jpgimg_6458.jpgimg_6457.jpgimg_6456.jpg I've entitled this entry 'macropsia' to remind myself that I have occasionally suffered from this very thing, some years back now, but many times throughout my childhood. Sausage fingers, I used to call it. Anyway . . . here are pictures of our loft as of today. These pictures are more for our records than anything else.

Sunday 27th February 2011

The Crag (Warton)