Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Sunday 1st May 2011

img_6771.jpgimg_6769.jpg Here are a couple of pictures of the recently born Max. Absolutely no digital manipulation has been performed at all, oh no. The dots on Liz's top look a bit weird though and why is the edge blurred? Hmmmm.

Monday 2nd May 2011

Fell Foot park and Gummers How
So, is it a How belonging to Gummer? Gummer's How? Who's Gummer? What on earth is a How? Hill? Why am I too lazy to find out the answers to these questions on t'internet? . . . a couple of minutes spent searching t'internet later . . . Oh, okay . . . so there is possession there, as in it is a How or Howe (hill) belonging to Gummer. Was Gummer his first or last name? Mr. Gummer? Hello? Is it still his hill? Can I walk on your hill, Gummer? You hip with that?

Saturday 7th May 2011

img_6797.jpgimg_6798.jpgimg_6801.jpg At last, yesterday, our paving stones arrived. We (or, more correctly, our landscape gardener dude) ordered these way back towards the end of March. They (the paving stones) are nothing special - just slate, with a bit of iron content (adding a touch or red/orange here and there), so I've no idea why it took so long for them to arrive. They came from overseas, the crates bearing the destination, "Felixstowe, UK." I took a picture (bottom right), but it doesn't really do justice. Hell, the same ones are here. Anyway, they arrived yesterday, so that was cool. Today Dave and Paul got to work with said paving stones, but the weather wasn't too good; they need dry weather, you see. We weren't sure about the weather either, so went to our favourite wood (i.e. tree canopy acting as umbrella) somewhere around Silverdale. We had a picnic there (see picture!) and it was fine throughout most of it. About 95% into the picnic, the rain started, hence the umbrella. But, hey, at least the bleeding had stopped by then. I had been whittling a stick with my newest toy (just this) and, erm, rather foolishly whittled with the knife towards me. Of course, the knife went through a knot in the wood, carried on and then hit my right thumb (just below the nail) and right index finger (around the knuckle), slicing easily through the skin. What a fantastic purchase - this is only the second time in two days that it's drawn blood. Oh, and I didn't explain that first picture, not that I need to, of course, but hey . . . that's taken from my loft with a pair of binoculars in front of the camera lens. I think we're looking at the farm about here (you can easily make out the mobile phone mast and the shadow thereof).
img_6804.jpgimg_6802.jpg Here's A****** watering the plants Pop bought a few weeks ago. Plants are all still well and healthy. A crazy downpour in the middle of night watered the ones planted in the front garden. Today we were also looking at carpets . . . it has to be done. I've almost finished painting the loft (okay, a bit of gloss needed here and there), so then we can get the carpet in. Isn't carpet purchasing fun, eh? Would ordinarily anyone fix a flying **** about the twist of a group of fibres (say, 1.5 to 2mm in diameter) within something you just walk on? But then what are these fibres made of? Wool? Polypropylene? Some wool? Some polypropylene? But how much wool? How much polypropylene? What difference does it make? What's the tog rating? What kind of underlay? What's the tog rating of the underlay? What about runners? What the **** are runners? So yeah . . . now, once again, I've become familiar with all this stuff, along with the intimate dimensions of the loft. We're slightly nearer to making a decision regarding the carpet. Of course, then along comes the internet . . . "What?! You're paying £30 per square metre for that? I think they saw you coming. I can sell you that for £17.99 per square metre, free delivery. How about it? I can also sell you that stripy carpet you were thinking of getting for your stairs and hallway, but at far, far less than you were quoted. Check out my reviews - it's all good. Get your credit card."

Saturday 14th May 2011

Jo's 40th
Various pictures from Jo's 40th, over at the Boot & Shoe. I wasn't always in control of the camera; M****** borrowed it and then lent it to one of her friends (Rachel? Sarah?!). Perhaps that explains the last three pictures here . . . or maybe that was me. Erm . . .

Sunday 15th May 2011

Lakeland Motor Museum
img_6828.jpgimg_6827.jpg . . . and these pictures (to the right) more for mine and M******'s benefit than for anyone else (but hey, maybe you dig pictures of partially paved patios . . . whatever floats your boat and all that). This is how the patio looked today. The weather proving troublesome for all that cement and what-not. I don't really get it myself but I certainly wouldn't want the job rushed or anything, just in order to get it finished quickly.
Today we went to the Lakeland Motor Museum. Here are some pictures. Anyway, it was a fantastic place, although we didn't have time to explore it all. I'm particularly peeved that I didn't get a picture of the DeLorean DMC-12, but hey. img_6843.jpgimg_6842.jpg The body of the car really was untreated stainless steel. Weird. I guess the only problem was that we arrived fairly late on in the afternoon. We could have spent a lot longer there but it was getting towards dinner time for the boys.

Friday 20th May 2011

Quick! Before the world ends!

Anyone want a fantastic selection of classic British comedy DVDs? You know you want to. Just follow the link - - and put in a bid. Simples!

Oh, and this is pretty cool.

Saturday 21st May 2011

Gell-Mann further predicted the existence of a ninth resonance
So yeah . . . we've had to start 'locking' the computer (i.e. you need to type in the password in order to use it) before we go to bed at night. A****** has taken it upon himself to wake up at 6am (or thereabouts), stumble downstairs and watch television (television and computer being the same thing, or at least 'television' being a function of 'computer' . . . or something), until everyone else wakes up. Nonetheless, despite us having done this for the last two nights, A****** still woke up at something like 06:15, with a failed attempt at using the computer / television / thing. So . . . yeah . . . A******, get back to bed. Go back to sleep. R****** woke up going on about his stomach hurting. Well, christ, we gotta choose some carpet thing for the loft. So we did that. Then we went to Nanna-grandpa-with-the-two-cats. We had lunch there and then, up in the bathroom, R****** was sick down the side of the bath. Ah well, at least he did it in the bathroom. I moved R****** quickly to the toilet where he, erm, finished off. Who needs the details, eh? A****** and R****** were meant to be staying over with Helen and Stu tonight, but it ended being just A******. We took R****** home and he went to sleep for a couple of hours. I think I fell asleep too. M****** and I then got down to some DIY stuff - removing three downstairs doors from their frames, preparing them and then applying two coats of undercoat. Dave (landscape gardener) got busy with paving the patio throughout today until the heavens opened . . . probably about 3pm, or thereabouts. Pretty dull stuff, all in all.

Tuesday 24th May 2011

Stop everything! I've found the answer!

Saturday 28th May 2011

Patio finished
img_6845.jpg Here's A****** and R****** finally able to scoot around on the finished patio. Well, I think it was finished at this point. Looks finished anyway. Oh, I remember - the patio was done, but the lawn (turf) not and Dave hadn't done the trellis (?!) thingies yet.

Sunday 29th May 2011

The pavilion hieroglyph is a side view of the pharaoh seated
I think we stayed at M******'s grandparents around about here (in a chronology sense, as oppose to geographical . . . hey, I know what I'm talking about). Erm . . . Grasmere and stuff.

Monday 30th May 2011

Somewhere around Ambleside