Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Monday 1st November 2004

Nothing to report.

Wednesday 3rd November 2004

Hello. Last night, we went for a meal at Wokmania. Beforehand, a few of us from work had met up at the Grove (Martin, on the way there, was saying how the previous night he had spotted some old man, just stood there, staring at the Grove, enraptured . . . he then pulled out a notebook and a camera, scribbled a few notes, took a few pictures and then wandered off again) . . . so yeah . . . where was I? Wokmania . . . I thought it was brilliant there . . . all you can eat Chinese/Thai food for £8.99 and the service was amazing. You put your plate down, with all your food eaten, turn around, look back, and it's gone . . . whisked away. Brilliant. Food was pretty good too . . . especially the chicken green thai curry . . . mmmmmm. So, yeah . . . after several rounds of duck pancakes (plum sauce, strips of cucumber and spring onion) we made our way to the Scarbrough Taps . . . just around the corner, and from there our numbers gradually diminished . . . picking up slightly when M****** and her work colleague Sarah turned up. I'm not sure when we left . . . sometime after 10pm. Oh . . . there was one slight problem at Wokmania . . . they wanted to charge us for six people (i.e. £53.94) plus drinks, perhaps because the previous day I had booked a table for six. They hadn't checked whether we were indeed six people (although the table they had given us, after a five minute wait, seemed more designed for four than six, but hey . . .) or not, and it took us a while to work out why the bill was so much, as there was no breakdown of the costs . . . but it was £8.99 short of course. How exciting.

Thursday 4th November 2004

Anyone any idea what's happened to my computer? All I did was move the motherboard from one case to another . . . plugged everything back in, turned the power on (oooops, IDE cable in the wrong socket . . . turn power off, move cable to primary IDE slot, turn power back on) and . . . what's with the fans? The CPU and PSU fans are spinning very slowly . . . the CPU one at between 700 and 900 RPM . . . that can't be right. Yet there's no facility in the BIOS set-up to change the speed. I'm just installing temperature monitoring software so that I can keep an eye on what's going on down there but it's all a bit worrying . . . George Bush may have been re-elected, but this is far more important. And, besides, this was, at time of writing, the only web-page in existance with the words George, Bush, foetus and tetrahedral all in one page. If only Google would notice me now . . .

Saturday 6th November 2004

All very strange . . . and then I turned the power on last night and it wouldn't boot up . . . gave me this strange error . . . something fatal, but now it's working fine and I've no idea what I did to fix it.

Visited Sam's new flat in my dreams last night. That was all very strange too. Like, I was there, wandering around, when suddenly I said to Sam, "You've moved, haven't you?" whick freaked Sam a bit, because he was like, "What you on about? I've moved from Sheffield, yes, but I haven't moved since then. This is the same place," and then proceeded to show me around. We got to the cellar and something very odd was going on down there. At first I thought it was that feeling you get when the dream's about to turn to a nightmare, as the atmosphere was kind of . . . thick, but it wasn't that. I couldn't put my finger on it . . . the atmosphere was just really heavy down there . . . it was difficult to move through . . . and it made my hair stand on end. Hmmmmmm. Ah well, at least I wasn't watching some guy munching through handfuls of bugs and parasites this time. I didn't like that. That was the same dream where I was within some torus-shaped underwater complex that was clearly in trouble . . . water was pouring in and people were running around, panicking everywhere. Fortunately, I had bumped into this guy who was able to bend metal with his bare hands. He stopped the water pouring into the room we had occupied (I think this happened in one of the Superman films), but I couldn't help but notice that he hadn't done a brilliant job; water was still coming in, just not much. Didn't Superman do a spot of welding with his laser beam eye things? Oh, it was an oil tanker, wasn't it? Ah yes. Last night's dream was dull. Wandering around Leeds, passed this record shop next door to a second-hand musical instrument shop (you know, amps, guitars, synths, stuff like that) and this guy stood next to me start blabbering on about . . . well, rubbish, really. He seemed to have his dad with him, who was mumbling about having lost some receipt for something and that he would have to go back somewhere to get his receipt. The shutters slowly lifted and the shop opened. First thing that hit me was the amount of echo machines the guy had for sale . . . then I noticed a load of nasty Casio keyboard, a couple of ancient but very heavy looking keyboards . . . then this weird Korg that had three strange glowing orbs to the left as some kind of glorified pitch wheel thingies. I started playing with the keyboard, getting weird noises out of it, when that guy who had been blabbering to me outside the shop kind of shuffled up to me and started tentatively pressing a few buttons too . . . then the owner suddenly announced, "Oh, I'm afraid I can't sell anything right now due to the ongoing 'issues' with one of our suppliers." I had no idea what he was on about. "See, they just cut off the electricity from time to time," the shuffling freak told me, "Really? Can they do that?" but I don't think I ever found out the answer, not that I was all that bothered.

so we drove over to Lancaster, leaving at about 12 o'clock? 1 o'clock? I dunno. Dropped Anna off at her mum's house and then popped into Booths for a few things . . . beer, wine, stuff like that. I bumped into Patrick there. Who's Patrick? Well, I used to work with Patrick, a very, very long time ago. It was at the laundry for, erm . . . Lancaster Health Authority? God knows . . . anyway, I (and Patrick and a few others) folded sheets, attached sheets to machines for folding and stuff like that. I must have been 16 or 17 at the time. Anyway, often when I'm back in Lancaster I bump into Patrick, but I don't think I've seen him for a couple of years now. Anyway . . . we went back to my parent's house, M****** and I, and sat around for a while, drinking beer, chatting to my mum, taking photographs of the family tree . . . blah, blah, blah. When my dad came back, we had a few sparklers and fireworks (well, one, actually . . . it was called 'Burning Bush') at around 17:25 . . . then we wandered into town to meet people. The plan was to meet Tania at 6pm at the, erm . . . John O'Gaunt, but it didn't open until 7pm (how crazy is that?) so we had to go to the Merchant's instead. I'm confused now . . . did Anna meet us at 7pm then? I know the meal was booked for 19:30. Erm . . . well, whatever. We were all (as in me, M******, Tarn and Anna) at the Merchant's at about 7pm (and, indeed, 19:28, as the time on these photographs states) and a bit over half an hour later we fought our way against crowds of people (all moving towards the firework display up at the Priory, I guess) towards Crows. Mel was going about the coloured, paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling . . . I tried to take pictures, but they didn't come out too well. At 9pm we met Darren and his new girlfriend, Kate, at the Merchant's (yes, I know, again). I'm not sure how late we left it, but after the Merchant's, still clutching my bottle of wine, we made our way towards Meredith's house for this party. I don't have any pictures of this . . . which is a shame, really. But hey . . . we left at about . . .

Sunday 7th November 2004

. . . 2:26 in the morning. Left to right, that's M******, Gen and Lucy. Got the taxi back . . . I can just about remember that. I can remember a lot about when we got home though. We went outside to the road (if you can call it that . . . alleyway?) running at the back of my parent's house, as M****** wanted a cigarette. I remember telling her about the time I had accidentally left my red bike there in the middle of the road . . . I had to rush inside for something and I just completely forgot about it. I was probably seven or eight years old at the time . . . I'm not sure though. Then this guy, who lived four doors down from my parents, a very fat man, who lived with his mother (probably still does) . . . well, he's there in his van, wanting to get past, only there's this bike in the way, see? So he just sits there, in his van, beeping his horn for about . . . five minutes. Eventually, he gets bored of this . . . so guess what he does? Gets out of his van, maybe? Moves the little red children's bike out of his way? Naaaaah. Let's just drive over it. And he did. That's the kind of guy he was.

So after a lot of sleep, I had a bit of breakfast and then made my way towards the house of James and Hilary. We sat around for a while (and what's this?), and then I suggested we go for a walk some place. Our walk took us along the quay, and there I noticed that the arches of Carlisle Bridge (over which the train runs) have arches within the arches. How cool is that? These were taken at about 15:53/54.

Tuesday 9th November 2004

Oh, that's strange. Yes - the web-site's been down all day today. I'm not sure how or why, but the routing table looked all wrong. I've fixed it now, as you can tell if you're reading this. The default gateway was set to the wrong network interface and there was an entry inserted for the destination with the netmask of So what's that about, eh? How did that get there? All very strange.

Friday 12th November 2004

It's funny having a digital camera - you can take pictures of such rubbish. I went to Beer Ritz in Far Headingley this evening and bought a selection of strange beers. These are two of them. You see what I mean? I've worked out that if I drink all six bottles, it will probably be the equivalent of drinking 10-12 pints of normal beer, as these beers are all at least 8.5% ABV. The 'Delirium nocturnum' is 9% ABV. I bought another somewhere that's 14%. Scary. I also bought a 3-way ladder (as in, it can be a step-ladder, a normal ladder and ladder suitable for staircases, you see? YOU SEE?) from Wilkinson's, but that's another story. This meant two trips to Headingley - one on foot, and one on my bike. I can now climb up to the highest ceilings in my house, which is always good . . . might mean I can start removing that god-awful wood-chip wallpaper. A prize worth at least £20 to the first person to correctly identify those two books there in the picture.

Sunday 14th November 2004

This might be my last entry for a few days . . . trying to move my internet from Pipex to NTL. I seem to have both of them at the moment, but I cannot authenticate my username and password on NTL as yet. Grrr.

Monday 15th November 2004

Oh . . . so their systems are down, and they can't accept new customers until Thursday . . . fine. Oh well, at least I don't get billed until I've successfully registered, and my BT/Pipex connection's still working. Blah, blah, blah. Did I mention all the wallpaper stripping we've (Mel and I) been doing? Yeah, well, that was throughout Saturday and some of Sunday. All the stuff from the living room (erm . . . well, maybe not the baby grand, the piano stool and the sofa, but everything apart from that) was moved up to the first floor bedroom and much wallpaper was removed. There's just a few patches remaining now. Unfortunately (or fortunately?!), this has revealed a bit of damp and some dodgy plastering that will need sorting out. Hmmmmm. Still . . . I think this is the first bit of decorating I've done since I've moved in here. Well, it's more like anti-decorating. I'm removing decoration - wallpaper. Hmmm, yes. So there you go. Just thought I'd keep you informed. I know you care.

Tuesday 16th November 2004

Following on from comments made, er . . . somewhere around here, I'm putting up pictures of my house in various stages of decoration/undecoration. So this is the nasty damp patch that I mentioned yesterday. There's various pipes coming down from the top of the house that kind of bend around the bay window before heading for drains/sewers, as they do. Trouble us, not all the water is getting there . . . some of it's leaking into my house. That picture on the right there . . . that's just a different angle, with a little desk light resting on my piano. As you can also see in this second picture, previous owners have actually liked these dado rail things. I had joy ripping those off. A long time ago, they would have been about a foot from the ceiling, but when I moved in they were about three to four feet from the floor. Wretched things anyway. The only reason I didn't rip these off unceremoniously with my crow-bar was because I didn't want to be patching up unnecessarily large holes in my plaster. Still, that's what they deserved. "Hey, I know, dearest. You know how these ceilings are, like, really high up, yeah? Well, let's break it up a bit with a line of dark wood, about two inches thick, but around all the walls at the same height, and then maybe we can hang god-awful pictures from them . . . whaddaya say?" That looks my piano to the left there, all safely protected from the dangers of DIY with several old sheets and duvet covers. Poor thing.

Wednesday 17th November 2004

Oh dear . . . it's never simple, is it? I had one plumber looking at my house from the outside, who listed a catalogue of problems: the 'soil' pipe has come loose (I know about this), the second-floor toilet overflow has a periodic (like, one drop every 30 seconds) leak with some plant matter growing around it, the guttering's a bit dodgy and . . . oh, I think that was it. The plumber can only fix one of these, naturally enough. Then another plumber came around, observed the damp wall and gave his prognosis: probably not a pipe leaking (owing to the tiny amount of water coming in), but more likely to be either the tiles over the bay window or else a dodgy plastic fitting between a pipe and the brickwork. Either way, I need various roofing (as oppose to plumbing) issues to be resolved first. Hmmmmm.

Sunday 21st November 2004

Tonight we (me, M******, Gav, Fluffy Phil, Tom and Leanne (sp.?!)) went to see this freaky harpist, Joanna Newsom. She was playing at the, er, Brudenell Social Club, I think it was. Something like that. This first picture was taken at 20:14 . . . this was one of the support bands. I think they were called 'My Latest Novel'. I thought they were pretty good. They kept using strange, miscellaneous instruments for like 17 seconds or whatever, and then moving on. I like that. That picture on the right there . . . there were lots of mirrors around, see. That's M****** in the right of the picture, and perhaps a few other times in the mirrors.
yeah, yeah, yeah. So then there's another picture of 'My Latest Novel' and the rest seem to be this band called 'Scatter'. As some one else pointed out, it was hard to know when the tuning session ended and the music began. It was kind of funny, but it never really seemed to get going. But, hey, what would I know? I took a few pictures of Joanna Newsom, but she was always hidden behind the harp. She was good though, her music. Reminded me of Leonard Cohen and perhaps Kate Bush as well, for some reason. Comparisons to Bjork seemed crass. There was one song where one of the lines was '. . . and though our bodies recoil at the grip of the soil,' or something like that. Nice.