Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Sunday 1st August 2004

. . . then, in the afternoon, M****** and I went for a walk to Kirkstall Abbey. The camera battery was running out, so I couldn't take many pictures. We had a coffee (well, I did) at the, erm . . . museum/cafe thing on the other side of the road, and then found a quite patch of grass where we could lay down the blanket and just lie there . . . reading. It was one of those days . . . too hot to do much else.
I should give out some kind of prize to the person who correctly identifies the book that this picture is taken from. That was the book I was reading this afternoon. I'm not sure why M****** felt compelled to take a picture of it, but hey . . . Liz appeared later on. In the evening, we got a taxi to town and were initially going to go to the 'Cactus Lounge' (next door to 'The Wardrobe'), but this was shut, as was quite a lot of Leeds at 20:00 on a Sunday night. Crazy. Instead, we walked along 'The Calls' and thence to Pizza Express.

Monday 2nd August 2004

. . . busy doing my university assignment (does it ever end?). Been doing work on the statistics page, though. There's a text-based graph there. It's funny. And I seem to have some web-browsing robot thingy that keeps skewing my statistics. As I write, it's busy ploughing through all the links on my web-site. Very annoying. I tried blocking it before so that it was just getting errors every time it tries to run index.php. It didn't seem to care though . . . as if it was working through a cache of my web-site, just going through all the links mindlessly. That's the one with the IP address beginning 64.62.142, in case you were wondering.

Tuesday 3rd August 2004

Hello. Check out the statistics page . . . numbers that change as you click refresh, over and over again, averages given to 20 DECIMAL PLACES, spammy text based graphs (hey, you try getting software installed under Linux . . . I'm talking about the Perl module GD::Graph here, of course). I've written the queries to exclude IP addresses from within my network . . . kinda makes sense. I'm constantly reloading to check content/layout, after all. We had thunderstorms last night, and then the rain started really falling in the hours of the morning. It woke me up, as these huge blobs of rain pounded away at my dormer roof (I'm at the top of the house, see). Breakfast time.

Later that day . . .

Okay. Now, I don't really have the time or inclination to pursue this matter much further, but I think deserves some kind of round of applause. Today, a machine behind this IP address, through thick and thin, has made no less than 338 requests to my web server (at time of writing, naturally . . . In fact, it was 335 when I began writing this paragraph). Each of these requests was unique. That is, no request was made twice, and none of these requests was for index.php without any parameters. All very odd. This relentless onslaught began today at 16:02:07 and the requests are coming in at the rate of 52.8333 every hour, or 0.88 requests every minute. Naturally, this is completely skewing the figures (August has just begun, and already machines like have made close to a thousand requests to my web server). Grrrrrr. I have firewalls for machines like you . . . hmmmmm. Oh . . . that's an idea. Ah, I see. Right. Fine. My firewall's like that, is it? Maybe I need another one then, and we'll forward port 80 to there. Yes.

Wednesday 4th August 2004

How odd . . . the requests from stopped at 09:05:48 today and not a peep since. Maybe they have everything they need.

Well, that was odd too . . . I had sat down to finish my university assignment when Liz rang, sounding a bit panicked, telling me that some 'strange man' was stood outside their house . . . he had followed Tania there from my house to Liz's. He had been just stood there, by the gate, but now he was knocking at the door and they didn't know what to do. So this makes me angry . . . what the hell is this man playing at, disturbing me like this? I put my shoes on, put my jacket on and march over to Liz's place. And there he is, knocking on the door, Liz and Tania visible in the window, looking freaked out. And the guy has very dark skin . . . Afro-Carribean, he's wearing plain blue jeans, some kind of jumper, he's got both of his hands in his pockets . . . doesn't look like there's anything in his pockets, except for his hands . . . "Hello? Can I help you? Looking for someone?" no answer . . . just a grunt. The guy looks at me . . . he looks somehow lost . . . a bit . . . gone. His face is pocked and scarred . . . acne scars . . . he looks like in his mid to late twenties, I guess. His hands remain in his pockets. "This is Sowood Street. Are you after someone?" (I'm used to people getting these streets mixed up . . . they all look the same) The guy kind of grunts and ambles away from the front door, down the steps, and I move aside, so that he can get past. "So Wood?" he says. "Yes. This is Sowood Street. Sowood. Look . . . come here, there's a sign," and I walk away, hoping the guy will follow and he does, but very slowly . . . with spastic speed, hands still in pockets. "Look. See the sign? Sowood Street. This is Sowood Street, yeah?" "So Wood," he says and I nod and point at the sign once more, pointing away from Liz's house. I went back to Liz's house, and the guy kind of ambled up and down the street for a while before disappearing. All very, very strange. What is wrong with these people? That was a rhetorical question.

Saturday 7th August 2004

Erm . . . Unity Day? Leeds? Woodhouse Moor? Well, whatever.

Wednesday 11th August 2004

Just when I thought the rain had subsided and I could watch the Perseids with a clear sky . . . it starts raining again. Damn it.

Friday 13th August 2004

Went for a few drinks after work with Lisa and Rav . . . straight to the Angel and then the Scarborough Taps (or the Scarbrough Hotel, according to some CAMRA-related poster (pub of the year 2004?!)), where I was surprised to see Old Rosie for sale. Mmmmmm. This, for those unfamiliar, is a strong (7.5%), cloudy, flat, freaky cider. I like it. Got back home, spoke to Rob for ages . . . and Helen. Then M****** came back . . . spoke to Rob for ages . . . and Helen. This picture was downloaded to my web-site as I spoke to Rob. I think that thing in my ear is the ear-piece from the 'phone. I've also got a picture of a spider somewhere . . . he was hanging around underneath the microwave in the kitchen. One of these pictures looks a bit like it's got a mini screen and projector combo set up down there. When I have time . . .
Yeah, so . . . 23:45 and I found this spider. It's kinda hard to see, but you should be able to make out the shape of its legs. I don't know what that other stuff is in the picture . . . maybe it had been gathering things, or maybe it's just bits of food . . . crud.

Saturday 14th August 2004

So we're now in the early hours of Saturday. M******'s playing on the computer.
later on that day . . . M****** and I went to Ilkley Moor, primarily to find some stone circle (12 Apostles?!) but also just to see a bit of countryside for a change. This is the stone circle here. It's now 15:15. If I don't look all that impressed, it's probably because last time I was here (with Canadian Jon), I'm sure it took us much longer to get here and there were far less people around. But then, that would have during January, of course . . . hmmm, okay.
. . . and then various exciting pictures of me eating an apple, not far from the stone circle above. The stone circle was great and all, but the stones weren't very appropriate for sitting on.
. . . and then various exciting pictures of me eating an apple, not far from the stone circle above. The stone circle was great and all, but the stones weren't very appropriate for sitting on.
So we probably got in about three hours of walking, a huge circular trip starting and ending at the Cow and Calf. And then I think we went back to M******'s, as people were expected round at M******'s for a barbecue (that word looks wrong) . . . some time after seven, I think they said. We went back via, erm . . . Morrison's, for some provisions.
and then tonight's barbecue . . . there were a few pictures, but they're not very exciting. That's Simon there, of course, manning the barbecue. It was horribly cliched at one point tonight. The three girls were inside, drinking some Pimms-like drink, whilst the three men were outside, playing with fire.
That's me and Rich on the far left there. I'm not sure what's going on in the picture on the right there . . . that looks like Anna on the right, but I'm not sure what the other shapes are. It was 2am.

Sunday 15th August 2004

M****** and I followed Simon and Mouse back to Harrogate, where we got to check out their house, before wandering into Harrogate. I couldn't really be bothered to take pictures today. Mouse took this one. This would have been after our meal at Pizza Express, as we made our way out of town, back to their house, probably at about . . . erm . . . 18:13 or thereabouts. There was a bit of confusion over when the picture was being taken, and the noise of some church bells right next to us was making communication difficult, you see. I think our expressions kind of convey that confusion.

Wednesday 18th August 2004

Hello. Today is Wednesday. I don't think much happened today. Another storm, another day.

Thursday 19th August 2004

Pictures, here's the pictures . . .


Friday 20th August 2004

I had to leave work early today . . . didn't feel well. Waves of nausea. Headaches. Hot flushes. Not good. Maybe the pizza last night hadn't come from entirely sanitary conditions. The bill came to thirteen pounds and 99 pence (for a medium pizza and wedges), initially, but I rang back, querying this, as they're (as in, Dominoes) currently doing a deal for a medium pizza and garlic bread for one pence short of nine pounds. So how come the wedges are so expensive, I asked. "Well, they just are. I can change the order to a garlic bread, if you want." M******, do we want garlic bread? "No, it's fine. Just leave it." No, it's fine. I'll stick with the wedges. Three quarters of an hour later, it arrives. And the bill? Eight pounds and ninety eight pence. I just don't get it . . .

Sunday 22nd August 2004

Went to a fair at Roundhay Park today, along with M****** and her brother, Simon. Erm . . . are those thumbnails too small? Too long? Just been playing around with this XNView thingy. Very nice. It means I can do all manner of batch processing on the images from my camera . . . or any images. Anyway, yes . . . Simon came round just after 2pm, and after a bit of deciding where to go, we opted for that pub in Roundhay . . . erm . . . if you keep going past the park, go left at the trafic lights and it's there on the left, after a few 'Nursing Homes'. Can't remember what it's called. Sorry. But, yeah . . . got there at about 3pm, I guess. We drove past some kind of fair, with the intention of returning, after lunch.

Wednesday 25th August 2004

I'm working. Leave me alone. Read this and then this. Odd, isn't it? GO! RUN!

Thursday 26th August 2004

And why did they demolish the building so soon after the, erm, explosion(s)? And what happened to all that seismic data? I remember before he was executed, Timothy McVeigh said, "You will remember my name," and everyone kind of went, "Yeah, whatever. NEXT!" but here we are (well, here I am) going, "A bomb in a van did THAT?" And now we hear that those two planes in Russia . . . erm . . . I was listening to the BBC news and I heard that the black boxes in both planes stopped recording moments before radar contact was lost. Odd. I sometimes wonder if Russia, Japan and the USA are testing strange scalar electromagnetic weapons on each other.

Ah well, better to have something than nothing at all. Bike is fixed now. Was it broken? Well, not really, but the brakes weren't working very well . . . the front brake cable had snapped, see. So, erm . . . I ordered a whole set, some of these v-brake things. It's quite scary now - I pull on my brake levers sharply and the wheels stop moving. Me and my bike have inertia, but as there's loads of friction between the rubber of my tires and the tarmac/paving of the stuff I cycle on, this usually means I too stop moving shortly after the wheels. Crazy.

Friday 27th August 2004

Yay! Assignment complete! One down, two to go. Well, one and a half down, one and a half to go, really. But, yeah . . .

Saturday 28th August 2004


But this is my favourite from tonight . . . Liz took this picture:

It was 19:28 and, whilst other people were getting ready to go out (see above), Simon decided it would be a good idea to drape (sp.?) his economy two-ply toilet roll all over the, er, lounge?! Is it a lounge? Anyway, I kind of helped out a bit, and took a few pictures, hoping to capture bemused expressions, but failed miserably. I suppose I never really explained the pictures above . . . do I need to? We had a meal at Est Est Est then went to, erm . . . looks like Mononi (the gents toilets has a, er . . . what would you call it? An assistant? A guy who sits there, putting the hot tap on when you go to wash your hands, then hands you paper towels, chats to you whilst you're, erm, abluting . . . that kinda thing . . . you're meant to tip this guy . . . I gave him a pound coin, said I want 50p change . . . thought that was generous) and then the Lounge and, finally, the Hi-Fi Club. The last picture's me, probably updating my web-site. That t-shirt I'm wearing, yeah? Well, that must be at least seven years old. I bought it when I was first in Australia, so it may have even been bought towards the end of 1996 . . . I just don't know. I bought it at some kind of indoor market, near Brunswick Street station, Fortitude Valley. Or the Valley, as the locals call it. The collar started detaching itself from the main body of the t-shirt long, long ago.

Sunday 29th August 2004

Okay. So, this is Simon. We were on our way to York, this being the pub crawl in honour of Liz's birthday. I should have a map somewhere . . . Simon, M****** and myself were amongst the late party. We all met up at the, er . . . Varsity - that was it. I don't think Simon was sleeping here . . . just kind of resting his head. We weren't meant to be out too late the previous night, but that was just never gonna happen. So, yeah . . . this was some time between 2pm and 3pm, I would guess. The train was slightly delayed. I think it turned up at 14:17 or 14:18. Does it matter?
This was was taken at 17:43, probably outside the Three Tuns. I wasn't intending to take many pictures today. Couldn't be bothered, you know? So, by this stage, we had already been to Lendal Cellars and The Kings Arms (besides, of course, Varsity). Oh, I remember now. It was at the, erm, Lendal Cellars that I went for a wander around town. My jeans were bugging me . . . you know, not hanging properly, so I needed a belt. I first tried, erm . . . what's it called? Quicksilver or something. I have another pair of trousers from this place. Oh, damn it. Erm . . . g g g g g c c c c c c . . . or does it begin with O? O'NEILS! That's it! O'Neils. Yeah, so I went there, but they were all fabric belts and just . . . wrong, you know? Wrong, wrong, wrong. So I went to Next, and ending up buying the same belt as one I already have at home. Clever, eh? God - what am I going on about? Do we need to know about belts?
The picture to the left there was taken at 19:12. That is, of course, myself and two Simons. I'm not sure where we are here, but I suspect it's Cross Keys. They had a huge screen onto which was being projected some football thing. On our way to this place we had been refused, erm, drinks at the . . . one of those pubs . . . Was it the Royal Oak? Anyone? I think the Snickleway Inn was shut, but the barman at this other place wouldn't serve us, en masse, as one of the Simons was 'too drunk', apparently. Crazy. It seems like an excuse to me, as the guy just didn't want all of us lot in his quiet, cosy pub. Well, whatever. M****** was like, "It's fine. Let's not make a scene. We'll just go on to the next pub," but I think everyone was a bit, you know, didn't really know what to say or do. We just filed out in stunned silence. Another Simon went back in after we had all left and the barman was like, "I thought I had refused to serve you lot."
This is probably the same pub, it now being 19:13. Dave and Anna. But, yeah . . . we're about half-way through the pub crawl now and maybe that barman had a point. It seemed liked others were, er . . . further on, you know? Anyway . . . where's the next picture?
Now, I think this is the Golden Slipper, but I might be wrong. The first picture was taken at 19:53 and the other two at about 20:07. First picture (far left) was done with a ten second timer thing, you see? This was the pub with all the books, wasn't it? It was probably on the way out of this pub that we lost Simon M. Perhaps he went left instead of right. I don't know. Either way, I made an attempt to find him, having M******'s mobile to assist. It was getting dark, and when Simon rang, I was like, "I'm somewhere close to the York Minster. If you just follow the perimeter wall, you'll find me eventually," unless of course we were walking in the same direction at the same speed. Hmmmm. Anyway, as I was speaking to Simon, I noticed a group of about fifty tourists being led around the haunted spots of York, by this guy all dressed up and stuff. They had stopped so that those at the back could catch up and the guy leading it could address them all . . . I guess. I could hear Simon on his mobile saying, "I've lost my friends," and the woman he was speaking to (a tourist, on the ghost tour) saying, "Really? Which way did they go?" or something like that. A few seconds later, from amongst the column of tourists, I heard this lunatic shouting out, "Jon-teh! Jon-teh! Jon-teh!" whilst running towards me with his arms flying around in the air. Let's just say he received a few odd looks. But, yeah . . . it must have looked pretty odd - this crazy guy, flapping his arms around, running towards me at full pelt . . . so . . . yeah. That was that. We made our way towards The York Arms where everyone else was . . . although maybe in different sections. Hmmmm.
20:16 . . . the Hole in the Wall.
20:43. Well, this is York Minster by night. I think the contrast/brightness needs altering slightly in these pictures but, er . . . well, these are the originals. I've changed the thumbnails but not the main images. Make of what you will. These were probably taken as we walked from, erm, the York Arms towards Ye Old Starre . . .
. . . which I suspect is this place here. There's only the one photo of this place, taken at 21:36. I don't remember much about this place.
So this is surely the Punchbowl (if this map's right anyway), the penultimate pub of the crawl. These were taken at about 10pm, if you're interested. Even if you're not, they still were. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Fine.
Yeah. So this is the last place tonight (well, for York anyway) - The Judges Lodgings. These pictures were taken some time between 22:15 and 22:30.
Anna and M****** . . . on the way to the train station. York train station was a bit of a mess, though. There were no toilets (closed), no one on duty who had any idea . . . about anything and the train that was meant to be taking us back was cancelled. Instead, we had to go by coach. Well . . . the journey only took an extra 10/15 minutes or so, so it wasn't that bad. Somehow, Dave managed to end up in Newcastle. So, not only did he get the destination wrong, he also somehow managed to get the mode of transport wrong. I've no idea how that happened. Upon returning to Leeds, I think just Liz, Simon M and Anna had the stamina to go anywhere else. M******, Simon (her brother), Beccy and myself all went home. And that's pretty much it, I guess.

Monday 30th August 2004

So, yeah . . . Tania popped up from, erm, Paul's, I guess . . . to see people, get her mail and stuff. We all gathered at the Cardigan Arms and some went on to Viva Cuba and others . . . didn't. Here's some pictures . . .

Tuesday 31st August 2004

Hello. Been a socially busy weekend (extended weekend - me and various others took the Tuesday off). Sunday was the pub crawl around York. Monday . . . Monday was kind of a recovery day. Later on, a meal at Viva Cuba with me, Simon, Liz and Tania. There's pictures somewhere . . .