Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Sunday 5th September 2004

I have all these pictures . . .


Yes . . . maybe I should explain at some point. See, Robert came over on Saturday. There he is, third and fifth picture from the left on the top row. We stayed in that night, Rob, M**** and I. Then, the next day, we had scrambled eggs, sausages on home-made bread (it was kind of granary but with loads of nuts/seeds in it . . . something like walnut, cashew, pumpkin, sunflower, linseed, poppy seed . . . something like that) and Marmite . . . that was for breakfast, see. Or maybe lunch. Doesn't matter. Then, erm, in the afternoon, M**** and I went for a wander, along the Kirkstall Valley Nature Trail. M**** went a bit crazy, taking pictures of anything that moved and a lot of things that didn't. It was very hot that day, so, having forgotten my sun-hat, I was using M****'s cardigan thing to protect myself from the sun. Our wanderings took us to Kirkstall, Bramley and Armley and, as you can tell, there was lots of greenery . . . lots of berries too. We stopped for a rest at that pub near Morrisons . . . you know . . . something Bridge something. The Old Bridge Inn? Whatever it is. Can I go now?

Tuesday 7th September 2004

Went for a drink or two tonight, along with Rav and Lisa. First to the Grove. This place is odd. Maybe I've said this before. I dunno. I once asked the barman, "What guest ales do you have at the moment?" and before he could answer, one of the regulars, propping the bar up to the right of me, shouted out, "It's on the board," and sure enough, the main corridor running through the place had a blackboard with all the guest ales written out . . . price, ABV and, erm . . . some kind of description. And so it was here we were tonight . . . then Bar Home, where we bumped into, erm . . . what they called? Heidi and one of her (and Lisa's) friends . . . I think called Naz or Raz or something. No, I think Naz. Later on, I mentioned that the, er, Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players were playing at The Wardrobe. The who? Trachtenburg. Tractor Burger? No - Trachtenburg. TRACHTENBURG. Track the Burger? No, Trachten . . . oh, forget it. Anyway, somehow I managed to convince Rav to come along. So off we went to the Wardrobe. But it turned out they wanted eight of our pounds and we were like, "Eight? Five, maybe, but not eight." Perhaps if I had heard any of their music, it might have been different. So, we drank our drinks and then went our separate ways. The end.

Saturday 11th September 2004

It's one of those days, isn't? Similiar to August 31st 1997 - everyone remembers what they were doing that day. So . . . anyway . . . I'm still trying to do university work but having problems finding the motivation. Things keep distracting me.

Sunday 12th September 2004

Completing ripping off Sam's web-site and the comments facility (?!) (but is this some kind of common template?), I've now installed a comments feature to my own web-site. So if you spot a mistake or if I've missed something out, if there's a picture of yourself you would rather not have on my web-site, either e-mail me or leave a comment.

Monday 13th September 2004

Nothing much to report . . . still doing university work. It will all be over by Wednesday . . . well, kind of. No more assignments after Wednesday for this year anyway. Two exams in October. Sunday night I watched 'Along Came Polly' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean' (again, but I think the last time I saw this may have been on an aeroplane). Neither brilliant films, but kind of harmless fun, you know. 'Along Came Polly' is probably best described as muddled, I guess . . . some of it was kind of urrgghhh in an American Pie kind of way, other bits were just your typical Hollywood cheesey schmaltzy (?!) crass rubbish, whilst other bits were kind of funny. The film didn't seem to know what it wanted to be. But hey . . . kind of like people.

Friday 17th September 2004

Just finished watching 'Cold Mountain'. Well, I enjoyed it. I once heard the experience of watching 'Cold Mountain' being very similar to watching paint dry. Perhaps that should have been 'watching a cold mountain', then I could understand. It really wasn't that bad. Anyway . . . I gotta git me some pizza.

Sunday 19th September 2004

Yes, well . . . Robert asked me why I had three jars of Marmite and my reply went a bit like this . . . "Well, one's pretty much empty, but I just haven't got around to cleaning it out and recycling it. The other one, well . . . that's definitely not empty but there's not much left . . . I'd say about 1cm depth or thereabouts. The other one, as you'll notice from the seal, that's unopened. I bought that one because I knew I didn't have much Marmite left. That's why there's three jars."

Tuesday 21st September 2004

Went out for a few drinks with Rav tonight. We first went to Bar Home, had a couple of pints there, but they were closing the bar at 6pm for the purpose of 'staff training'. So then we went to the Scarbrough Hotel/Taps/whatever . . . but it was a bit busy there . . . they had bouncers on the door and there were a few police officers wandering around outside . . . and this guy outside . . . dunno what was wrong with him . . . couldn't seem to walk all that well . . . looked kind of old, had a walking stick . . . then an ambulance turned up . . . but there was no where to sit, you see, so we headed further into town . . . but, erm . . . the Mixing Tin was shut due to, erm . . . staff training, so we headed for what seemed to be the next nearest pub . . . Whitelocks, where I had a pint of Tanglefoot (Tangle Foot?!). So, erm . . . then I headed back to work for my bicycle and Rav went back to the train station. The End.

Friday 24th September 2004

So this evening is split into several chunks. Basically, this was Rav's leaving do. It began at about 5pm and lasted until they chucked us out of the Cockpit, whenever that was. Our first destination was, not surprisingly, Bar Home. There aren't any pictures of our time there. Then, erm . . . we had a meal booked at Est Est Est (pictures to the left) for 7pm.
Then, at about quarter to nine, we made our to the Angel, I believe. On the way, we found a actual ring-pull. You know? Like the kind you used to get on drinks cans, that actually separated from the main body of the can? Amazing . . .
And then, erm . . . yeah. . . I seem to have a lot of pictures from the Angel. Those are them to the left (erm . . . and below, to the right . . . the ones below are from 21:30 onwards, naturally). We got there at about nine o'clock, and were there for . . . oh, I don't know . . . probably until eleven-ish, but I can't remember, damn it. That person in the first picture, yeah?, that's another Paul. Paul C I usually refer to him as, so as to prevent confusion with the other Paul (Paul M), who's pictured in, amongst others, the very first picture from this evening. Lisa (second picture taken) is Paul C's manager/boss/whatever. Interesting fact about Paul C: is from Forton and went to the same secondary school as me, Lancaster Royal Grammar School. Wow . . . Anyway, another person never before featured here is Sarah, one of M****'s work colleagues. She's in the second to last picture in this little block.
Yeah, so . . . we left the Angel and tried to find somewhere where we could get us some drinks and actually be able to hear each other speak. In the end, this place ended up being Cuban Heels. I liked it there. Pictures are starting to get a bit blurry at this point. Well, you know, what am I supposed to do? There's no way of changing the size of the aperture on this camera. Not my fault.
We left Cuban Heels some time between 11 and 12 that night. Lisa suggested the Cockpit for the next venue, but there was a massive queue outside, so we went to nearby Lux, vaguely hoping that the queue might die down. I deleted most of the pictures I had from this place. The ones remaining I would have deleted too but, erm . . . well, gotta save something. NEXT.

Saturday 25th September 2004

So the first picture, we're still at Lux (it's now 00:26, so it's Saturday now, you see). The rest of the pictures here are just blurry madness from the bowels of the Cockpit, all taken around 2am. Rav's leaving present was the Star Wars DVD box-set, plus four glass tumblers (oh, and a pop-up map of London, as I kind of joke, you know). I was the lucky one (seeing as I had my ruck-sack with me) given the task of carrying these around all night. Somehow, I managed to not only hang on to my bag throughout the duration of the evening (and the Cockpit was heaving), but the contents were undamaged (I believe) and returned safely to Rav at the end of the night. It all got a bit confusing at the end of the night. I said Paul M could stay over and that Lisa was welcome to come over, if she wanted. I had a spare futon, but it's not all that comfortable. We couldn't be bothered waiting around in the taxi queue, so thought we might as well walk home (it's only about half an hours walk). M**** and Liz managed to flag down a taxi and, after I ascertained that Paul and Lisa where nowhere in sight, I jumped in too. I felt a bit bad about this, and so, after managing to contact one of them, walked down to meet them somewhere around the viaduct. The three of us ended back at mine, listened to some music, drank gin . . . blah, blah, blah . . . and it all ended at some unearthly hour. The rest of Saturday was a bit of a mess.

Sunday 26th September 2004

I had been intending to visit Rob the previous day but, as it turned out, today was the day M**** and I made our way to Sheffield. To give you a bit of background, Rob was recently diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia, and was due to enter hospital today (for a period of five to six weeks), so this was my last chance to see him before all the chemotherapy would begin. It was incredible how positive he seemed despite what lay ahead, but I guess that's the kind of guy Rob is. When M**** and I turned up, there were quite a few people there. I recognised all but Helen's sister, Jane . . . I believe. There was also no shortage of presents . . . books, CD's, tapes, a portable CD player, portable tape player . . . loads of stuff. So yeah . . . certainly won't get bored in hospital . . . shame there's no internet access . . . or is there? M**** and I got back to Leeds . . . well, I don't know . . . around 7pm, I guess. Went to Scarbrough Taps for a few drinks. M**** got in touch with Liz and we went to Cuban Heels (again), but this time for dinner. That last picture is M****'s impression of a kind of, er . . . nouvelle cuisine meal, made using the left overs from our meal.

Thursday 30th September 2004

What a strange dream . . . flying dreams seem to be a recurring thing for me, but this time I was wondering just how high I could go. So I willed myself to ascend as high as possible (and this time no-one was trying to stop me). . . just wondering what would happen. Eventually, I looked down, realised how high up I was and almost panicked . . . what if I somehow forget how to fly? Aren't I a bit freaked by heights anyway? And so I would descend . . . sometimes touching the ground gently, sometimes with a bump. I kept trying this over and over again, but it always seemed like something was holding me back at a specific height. This all sounds far too symbolic/allegorical for my liking. Like, erm . . . I've imposed my own limitations and these are what keep me back or some such rubbish. Personally, I think the link, if any, between 'reality' and the dreamed is far more subtle than that . . . far more complex.

So, anyway . . . I'm going on holiday shortly, so tonight is all about packing and making sure I'm all ready for a week (or so) in the islands of Scotland . . . specifically, Mull.