Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Sunday 1st July 2007

I'm finding this rather distracting right now.

Saturday 7th July 2007

img_2561.jpgimg_2569.jpgimg_2571.jpgimg_2573.jpgimg_2574.jpgimg_2580.jpg Today was the day following a celebratory event at work (with free alcohol). I was a bit hungover, but more tired than anything else, having not got home until about 3am this morning or something. These pictures were taken during a walk around Clougha.
img_2598.jpgimg_2594.jpgimg_2592.jpgimg_2589.jpgimg_2586.jpgimg_2582.jpg I can't remember exactly when, but at some point today, as I was aimlessly wandering around the house, M****** was like, "How did you get there? I was here a second ago and you weren't here," as if my hangover had somehow loosened my grip in space-time, and throughout the day I was skipping forwards/backwards several seconds, but without actually realising. So yeah . . . a bit of gardening seemed to sort things out.
img_2605.jpgimg_2606.jpgimg_2608.jpgimg_2614.jpgimg_2621.jpg And so . . . there was this wooden box dug into the ground. Looked like it had been there a long, long time. It contained some tinned food and a sodden garment, but I was not prepared to investigate any further. I always think Clougha's get really weird geology, channging the subject - but what would I know? (about geology, not changing the subject) - hence the first picture (top row) of that weird stone with the finger-like shapes and that other picture of the bleached white rock (middle row, far right), which I felt just looked completely out of place.

Monday 9th July 2007

Today I have had to stay at home with A******, as he woke up vomitting. His temperature was up (sometimes), but his behaviour has been normal A****** behaviour. Strange. It meant today I got lots of household chores done, including the continuing preparations for A******'s new bedroom, which involved the priming and glossing (actually something called 'satin wood') of a tiny shelving unit (although ideally suited to A******; he should be able to reach the top of it). Anyway . . .

Tuesday 10th July 2007

There was some strange internet outage on my home broadband connection that my ISP, Demon, seem to have barely acknowledged. Hence, I was without internet most of last night and up until some time this afternoon. But being at work throughout today, it wasn't so much of an issue. A****** was back to normal today and so went to nursery. Erm . . . yeah. I dunno. That's probably it. Bye.

Wednesday 11th July 2007

I couldn't sleep, so decided to check my e-mail. Someone at the Lancaster Linux User Group (or thereabouts) had sent out a link to a web-page containing a petition against the BBC's ridiculous iPlayer, which can be found here. They also recommended showing your support for the Open Source Consortium by sending them a message here. To give some background, the way I understand it is that this iPlayer thing is (or will be) some kind of application that allows Windows users to watch certain BBC programmes on their PC. Trouble is, it only works on Windows machines and the programmes themselves are wrapped up with a cheeky little bit of DRM (Digital Rights Management), thereby putting restrictions on what you can do with those programmes. It all just seems a bit badly thought through to me. I mean, it's not like you need a specific television set to view analogue/digital transmissions from the BBC, so why would you need a specific operating system? Seems a bit kind of retrograde to me, but hey . . .

Friday 13th July 2007

Don returns
Well, that was odd. Yesterday evening, there was I, doing some maths assignment, when there's a knock at the window. There's no-one there, so, assuming it to be one of my neighbours, I go to the front door. I'm kind of surprised to see Don there. I haven't seen Don for about 10 years now, he living in Germany, me living in England, but we've kept in touch over the years. So yeah . . . Don had been back in Lancaster since early July and had effectively severed his links with Germany, wanting to stay in the UK for the time being. I abandoned the maths and we spent the evening catching up with what each other have been up to recently. Don lives but a ten minute walk away but, lacking communication devices, it could effectively be much further away. All very strange. M****** donated her old mobile and charger (which would otherwise have been binned) and I've ordered a couple of free (or nearly free) pay-as-you-go SIM cards.

Monday 16th July 2007

Nothing to report. Stressing about getting these two university assignments completed on time. Stressing, but also working quite a lot. Bye.

Tuesday 17th July 2007

Animals - real and plastic
img_2639.jpgimg_2635.jpgimg_2633.jpgimg_2629.jpgimg_2625.jpg Today was A******'s second birthday. It was a day split up into various chunks, at least as far as the photographs are concerned. The previous night M****** and Liz had finished the finishing touches to his new bedroom. I helped inflate a few balloons.
img_2643.jpgimg_2644.jpgimg_2651.jpgimg_2653.jpgimg_2654.jpgimg_2661.jpg So yeah . . . after a quick bite to eat, we showed A****** into his new bedroom, where M****** had stacked some of his birthday presents against one of the walls (where his bed would end up later on that day). The balloons proved a hit.
img_2680.jpgimg_2676.jpgimg_2672.jpgimg_2666.jpgimg_2662.jpg These pictures to the right are more of A****** playing with his balloons and also playing with a present from our neighbours - a Little People (A****** seemed to get a lot of Little People stuff - must be all the rage, or else some kind of coordinated effort, or coincidence . . . or something else?!) dumper truck, complete with boulders.
img_2692.jpgimg_2699.jpgimg_2700.jpgimg_2702.jpgimg_2704.jpg So in that first picture to the left there, is revealed what A****** was pointing out in the very first pictures from today - some stickers that M******/Liz had put up last night. And, er . . . then we all got dressed, had breakfast, got ourselves ready, that kinda thing.
img_2709.jpgimg_2712.jpgimg_2716.jpgimg_2717.jpgimg_2718.jpgimg_2721.jpg So M******'s dad, Mark, came round, and accompanied the three of us to this zoo thing, near Barrow. Perhaps closer located to Dalton than Barrow, I'm guessing. A****** was loving the elevated wooden walkway thingies, as can be seen.
img_2722.jpgimg_2729.jpgimg_2730.jpgimg_2734.jpgimg_2735.jpgimg_2736.jpgimg_2744.jpg So yeah . . . usual zoo stuff: bears, hippos, giraffes, lions, leopards, lemurs, hundreds of lemurs. It seemed they had a bit of a problem with the lemurs, but I thought they were kind of cute. During our lunch, one of them almost made of with a couple of our bananas, but was chased off by one of the zoo attendants.
Pictured above various other pictures . . . A****** unwrapping more presents, trying to blow out the two candles on his birthday cake (it took a long time). It was a late night for A****** that night.

Sunday 22nd July 2007

img_2829.jpgimg_2830.jpgimg_2833.jpgimg_2838.jpg Erm . . . today was kind of split up into university work, gardening, walk in Bolton-le-Sands and phone socket installation (although that was done by my brother-in-law, H, rather than I). I've got some pictures somewhere, of the walk that is. I'm sure there was something else to mention. Oh, I dunno. This is kinda weird, don't you think? Oh, I remember. img_2845.jpgimg_2840.jpgimg_2848.jpg A******'s former bedroom is now very much a study, but just needs sorting out a bit. Computer all set-up, with the musical equipment to follow, time permitting. BYE!

Thursday 26th July 2007

Which came first?
I asked A****** which came first, chicken or the egg. He said, "Chicken egg" although this could have easily have been, "Chicken, egg" as in chicken first, then egg. But I would like to think he was actually referring to "Chicken-egg" as one hyphenated entity (or perhaps "chickenegg"). Neither came first - it's a trick question - they both arrived at the same time. Meanwhile his bizarre psychic abilities come on leaps and bounds, saying the word, "Beccy" when the phone rang last night, with Simon and Beccy on the other end (on speaker-phone). I would gush more about his development but then I just end up lying (like all of this entry) and, even if I was telling the truth, I would hope that people would assume I'm lying anyway. So yeah . . .

Saturday 28th July 2007

The wedding of Lucy and Gen
Above are various pictures from the wedding of Lucy and Gen. We drove down from Lancaster to Cambridge at about 11:30 that morning, hitting a bit of nasty/queued traffic somewhere around Birmingham, and therefore arriving about an hour late (5pm), which meant that we had missed Meredith's home-made sausages and a load of canapés. Later on, there really wasn't an excuse for blurry pictures as I had a spare, fully-charged camera battery in my jacket pocket. Ah well.