Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Friday 7th May 2010

Jenny Brown's Point
img_4744.jpgimg_4742.jpg I'm still not entirely sure exactly where Jenny Brown's Point is, but it's somewhere around here. James, Jess and I went for a walk around here. The tide was out, as can be seen.

Saturday 8th May 2010


Sunday 9th May 2010


Tuesday 18th May 2010

hyperfine resonant formation of the muonic (d-μ-t)+ molecular ion
img_4793.jpgimg_4794.jpg This is too long ago for me to remember what these are all about, these two pictures. Look at the awful scuff marks on the wallpaper, though. Perhaps that's why people have dado rails.

Sunday 23rd May 2010

Dead skin
img_4828.jpgimg_4826.jpgimg_4817.jpg Yeah, well . . . I was meant to be putting A****** and R****** to bed, but then I got distracted by the beam of light coming in through the gap in the shutters. The clock on my camera must still be in GMT, as the time these pictures were taken is an hour out. Oh . . . that means all of the pictures taken since the end of March. Ooops. Incidentally, the gap through which the sunlight enters corresponds to the window catch, you see? Kind of makes sense, so that it don't get in the way when you're putting the shutters up. The sunlight was entering as the window was open at the time.

Monday 31st May 2010

Barmouth (again)
So this is the first day of our holiday in Barmouth . . . no it's not. What am I on about? The first photographed day, perhaps. We arrived on the Saturday, but fairly late on and we can't have done much during the evening. Sunday was weird. This is bank holiday weekend and a lot of people had descended on Barmouth. We got caught up in the thick of it, which wasn't good. Lunch was a bit of a disaster: the wind blew loads of sand into our sandwiches, rendering them inedible, and we had barely begun them. Grrrrr. So yeah . . . forget about Sunday. But today we went for a walk across the bridge, onto the other side of the estuary, and then walked to the 'ferry terminal' (the place where you can catch a tiny little boat back across the estuary; the boat trip took about 2/3 minutes). Were trains involved today? I don't think they were.