Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Saturday 1st March 2008

Craig, your shoe-lace is undone and your mother beckons you back to the underworld
Bizarre. Today I did change the colour of the kitchen walls, from some insipid yellow colour back to white. I did this partly whilst M**** was at work this morning and partly during the afternoon. Later on, A****** and I did venture to Booths and, later that night, dinner at Anthony and Liz's place.

Sunday 2nd March 2008

Erm . . . not sure
img_5488.jpgimg_5490.jpgimg_5491.jpg Lunch at my parents' house. A****** playing with a marble toy thing.

Saturday 8th March 2008

Ghyoku{ Qh-u7k h-66bnbc u. uhb abrw.-yc{
Oh my god. My typing speed has dropped to about 5 wpm. I blame this. Left-handed Dvorak layout. I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Monday 10th March 2008

It's a bit like having two numeric keypads
I would write about what I've been up to recently and it would probably be good typing practice, but it just takes so long. Beerfest . . . I helped out with the Lancaster Round Table's 19th beer festival, mainly on last Monday night (connecting pipes to pumps), Thursday night (working behind the bar) and Sunday morning (helping with the clear up).

Thursday 13th March 2008

Incremental or differential?!
Still struggling with the crazy keyboard layout, but persevering. The title of this entry refers to some kind of back-up methodology, for I have finally got round to implementing back-ups. Considering how many hours work have gone into things that exist purely on this computer (not to mention all the pictures of A******), it is surely madness not to have any kind of back-ups in place. So yeah . . . not very interesting. Kind of hypocritical of me, I figure, to advise people, "There are two types of hard-drives: those that have failed and those that are about to fail."

Sunday 16th March 2008

img_5554.jpgimg_5559.jpgimg_5561.jpgimg_5573.jpgimg_5577.jpgimg_5578.jpgimg_5580.jpg A****** and I went for a walk somewhere near Warton, somewhere near Silverdale, somewhere near Arnside, somewhere around there. However, A****** still not having a pair of lungs working at 100%, didn't last too long and to the carrier I had to transfer him, but that was fine - our walking speed increased substantially after that. Check out the picture of the wood ants (at 100%, naturally).

Tuesday 18th March 2008

I don't recognise any of them in the picture; they had seven children?!
I don't really have anything to write here right now and even if I did, it would take forever to type it out (see previous entries) . . . the power supply fan (for the main PC) seems to be on its last legs and has developed this odd kind of asthmatic wheeze, perhaps in sympathy of A******.

Friday 21st March 2008

Fairy Steps
img_5624.jpgimg_5626.jpgimg_5644.jpg I don't know if I need to write about this, do I? We went for a walk to the so-called Fairy Steps, which is a real place (which this may not necessarily prove, but is certainly supporting evidence thereof) somewhere near Beetham. I had a stick, Uncle Simon had a stick so, of course, A****** had to have his own stick to play with.

Saturday 22nd March 2008

Grizedale Forest
img_5670.jpgimg_5672.jpgimg_5674.jpgimg_5676.jpgimg_5679.jpg Today we did go for a walk around Grizedale Forest. We followed some paths, didn't really have any maps and kind of put our faith in the odd sign here and there. The weather was pretty decent, save for the occasional flurry of snow now and again. And, yes, as before, we started of at Bogle Crag.
img_5712.jpgimg_5707.jpgimg_5703.jpgimg_5692.jpgimg_5682.jpg So I would say we got lost (albeit slightly), but I think to do so would belittle that word. Despite my best endeavours in the past, I've found that it is difficult to remain lost in a country of this size and geological diversity for long. Hence, our walk was perhaps slightly longer than originally intended, but all to no harm. We got back to the visitors' centre and I made the 15 minute walk back to the car.

Sunday 23rd March 2008

img_5714.jpgimg_5729.jpgimg_5735.jpgimg_5737.jpg Today we did have lunch at Helen and Stu's. Later on in the afternoon, we did more duck-feeding (they love it) and then a brief walk along the river-side path.

Tuesday 25th March 2008

img_5775.jpgimg_5752.jpgimg_5749.jpgimg_5742.jpgimg_5740.jpg Today I was up at Clougha with my brother. I took loads more pictures using this mysterious 'stitch assist' mode on my camera (until, that is, my hands started freezing) but have yet to figure out how to stitch all these photos into a single (and rather large) panoramic shot.

Thursday 27th March 2008

Holker Hall
img_5781.jpgimg_5784.jpgimg_5787.jpgimg_5789.jpg Today we went for a day out at Holker Hall, seeing as how the weather looked kind of okay in that direction. The day was split up into a number of sections. When we first arrived there, spotting a bizarre sign that pretty much stated "No eating/picnics permitted anywhere in the gardens/park", we resolved to return shortly to the car park (and the picnic benches) following a brief stroll around part of the gardens. So, just time to check out a statue of Neptune and a fountain thing . . .
img_5803.jpgimg_5802.jpgimg_5795.jpgimg_5792.jpg . . . before going back to the car park and the picnic benches (note to Holker Hall staff: people don't really want to eat their lunches in a car park and would far rather use one of the many benches you have throughout the gardens. Stupid, stupid, stupid).
img_5807.jpgimg_5810.jpgimg_5811.jpgimg_5813.jpg So then one of the first things we went to see was this labyrinth thingy and a slate sundial nearby. The picture of the sundial was taken at 13:58 and, considering that the correction for this time of year is +18 minutes (see picture), I'd say that's pretty acurate.
img_5823.jpgimg_5821.jpgimg_5815.jpgimg_5814.jpg And then this huge lime tree was supposedly planted in the early 17th century and had some kind of commemorative plaque, marking it out as one of the UK's 50 greatest trees or something.

Sunday 30th March 2008

Ingleton waterfalls
img_5891.jpgimg_5893.jpgimg_5895.jpg Today we had a trip out to Ingleton. Oh look, there's a log with a load of coins hammered (?!) into it. I don't understand how these things happen. Did one person do this or many? And when? And why? Hello? The other picture is M**** and A****** at a picnic bench, just before we started the walk.
img_5909.jpgimg_5906.jpgimg_5902.jpgimg_5897.jpg More pictures from today's walk. Incidentally, the entrance fee for this place was £4.50 each (A****** went free), which is part of the reason why neither M**** nor myself had been here before.