Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Thursday 3rd April 2008

Hawkshead and Tarn Hows
img_5912.jpgimg_5913.jpg So yeah . . . M****** was complaining that my web-site is boring; I haven't updated it for ages, so here's me addressing that. As part of my birthday yesterday (well, I wasn't born until the evening), img_5921.jpgimg_5920.jpg I took today off work and we got the ferry to Hawkshead. This is us having arrived slightly too late and now second in the queue for the next ferry 'run'. In of those pictures to the left a fly had got a bit too close to A****** and he kind of freaked a bit.
img_5922.jpgimg_5927.jpgimg_5932.jpgimg_5936.jpgimg_5944.jpgimg_5947.jpgimg_5954.jpgimg_5956.jpg Yeah. So we got the ferry over to Hawkshead (I just said that), had lunch, visited this playground and drove to Tarn Hows. The rest of these pictures are taken from Tarn Hows. In a bizarre turn of events, we were blessed with sun and warmth, whilst Lancaster was decidedly grey and murky. How exciting.
sta_5957.jpgstb_5958.jpgstc_5959.jpg Yes, yes, yes. Those three pictures to the left I did carefully line up using the 'stitch assist' mode on my camera. I've had varying degrees of success in merging them together, but currently lack the will/inclination. You can kinda see how they would merge together anyway.
img_5963.jpgimg_5964.jpgimg_5966.jpgimg_5970.jpgimg_5972.jpg These are various pictures of A****** throwing bread to a couple of vaguely hungry duck/geese things (god, I don't know), with M****** watching (hands-on-hips) in the distance. M****** thought the ducks were going to peck the bread out of A******'s hand or something, but nothing happened, A****** merely laughing at the ducks and trying to imitate the appreciative sounds they were making.
img_5981.jpgimg_5983.jpg . . . and then a few more pictures of this lake thing (actually, this is Tarn Hows itself, but hey), with me trying to experiment with different shutter speeds . . . well, I say that, but I've actually deleted all the other pictures. M****** was questioning the lengthy process between taking pictures and actually making them available on my web-site. I tried to explain how I tend to take far too many photographs and then delete all the rubbishy ones, which is surely the whole point of digital photography. Trouble is, it seems to take me ages to decide which ones to delete. Erm . . . I think I had a point to make here, but now I forget . . . all these photographs use up valuable hard-drive space as well.

Saturday 5th April 2008

Were it not that . . .
Not too much happened today. We went for a brief walk around the park (Williamson's), but then it suddenly got really cold, so we headed back home again. I finally started work on some new kitchen shelves; did some sketches and basic trigonometry (that is, the shelf will be above the sink, so we don't want head-banging-into-shelf situations), then sawed a piece of wood to size and did the first layer of primer/undercoat. Later on, M****** (with A******) picked up Mouse from the train station and, erm . . . not really much else . . . I made A****** some dinner, put him to bed, M****** and Mouse went out into town for Anna's 'hen do', I ate some pizza . . . blah, blah, blah.

Sunday 6th April 2008

"I'm finished"
There Will Be Blood These (the title of this entry) are the last words spoken in the film, 'There Will Be Blood', which seems to be my current favourite film. I don't want to give too much away for those who haven't seen this film, but I don't think I'm spoiling anything by wondering about all the possible meanings of the phrase, "I'm finished," and the observation that when I first heard this line I immediately thought of a child addressing their parent (or perhaps some figure of authority) having completed some task (or bodily function) and now seeking approval. It just struck me as odd that the line was not spoken with the degree of resignation that one would expect, given the circumstances.

Friday 11th April 2008

Deborah is concerned for me and says that I need to be healed.
Oh not much . . . you know . . . people stealing money from my bank account. This began on Tuesday, with further erroneous transactions occurring on Wednesday and Thursday. I reported it to the bank on Tuesday, but they had to honour transactions made before this time, or something. Whatever. Lord only knows how they got the details though, as I'm usually so careful. Craziness. Oh, and that Chinese freak who keeps posting stupid adverts in the comments section(s) of my web-site. . . well, seeing how their IP address don't change all that much, I've changed things so that when they return to my web-site they just get the message, "GIVE UP!!! My web-site is not a free advertising medium. Please look somewhere else or perhaps do something else." After all, it all seems so pathetic, so futile . . . why, oh why? What is the point?

Sunday 13th April 2008

The handmade blade, the child's balloon; Eclipses both the sun and moon; To understand you know too soon; There is no sense in trying
img_5993.jpgimg_5994.jpgimg_5995.jpgimg_5997.jpgimg_6002.jpgimg_6007.jpg Various things happened today - largely centred around our seemingly annual blitz on the front garden. Rob, Rosie, Freddie and Tom came around not long after four o'clock and we went for a quick walk around the park. After dinner (or was it before?), I continued with the garden, erecting a kind of mini bamboo fence thing, that serves as a border around the tiny (three metre squared) lawn, either to keep the grass in (more likely) or else to keep other plants off the lawn. M****** took all these pictures.

Friday 18th April 2008

The Greyhound
img_6030.jpgimg_6036.jpgimg_6041.jpgimg_6043.jpgimg_6044.jpg This is the night before Liz and Anthony's wedding and we're gathered at the Greyhound for the traditional meal that occurs on these occasions. Every one in these pictures should be familiar to the regular reader except for Kathryn (not sure if I've got the spelling right there) - sat next to Liz - who was to be one of Liz's bridesmaids.

Saturday 19th April 2008

Liz and Anthony's Wedding
Various pictures from throughout the day of the wedding of Liz and Anthony. Ceremony at the church over at Bolton-le-Sands, followed by reception at the Netherwood, Grange-over-Sands.

Monday 21st April 2008

Chance encounter at a petrol station (must remember to select 'Pay at the pump' BEFORE getting petrol)
img_6253.jpgimg_6256.jpgimg_6257.jpgimg_6272.jpgimg_6275.jpgimg_6277.jpgimg_6278.jpg M****** had today off, I had the afternoon off, so after lunch we headed vaguely north. Whilst refueling the car we bumped into Mark and Cathie, who were on their way to Kirkby Lonsdale, and so we said we would meet them there. So yeah . . . erm . . . cake and coffee at a café, followed by a walk to the church, to Ruskin's Point, to the river and then back to the town centre.

Sunday 27th April 2008

img_6283.jpgimg_6281.jpgimg_6280.jpg Today we did drive over to Dent. The weather wasn't too bad . . . a little bit of rain here and there, but nothing much. We went for a walk along a path by the river and then headed back towards the village centre . . .