Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Friday 3rd October 2008

Aluminium, sulphur and some kind of peroxide
Feels like I haven't written much here of late, save for dumping pictures of recent . . . things/events. I don't think much has happened, though. We've been recently doing loads of stuff on the house (again), M****** finally having decided on the kitchen tiles. So, tonight, I've been preparing wall surfaces (water + PVA) and, seeing as how all the work surfaces well clear, I was like, "Yeah, why not - let's re-oil the worktops." Seems like ages since I've done that. So that's about as exciting as it gets. img_8038.jpg Car been playing up, so I had to cycle to Morecambe this morning to pick it up . . . went along the Lancaster/Morecambe cycle-track at about 07:40 and was surprised by the number of cyclists at that time of the morning. Craziness. Anyway, car troubles were largely covered by the warranty so not much expense involved. Erm . . . oh, and the front door . . . I would have been painting that (I applied another coat of undercoat tonight) except for the bad weather, you know. Erm . . . FLM, if you're reading this (or even if you're not, surely), what happened with your forays into Ubuntu?

Saturday 4th October 2008

The untimely marriage of Jennifer and Carlos
That's A******, of course, sitting on the work-top of a partially tiled kitchen. We're getting there.

Sunday 5th October 2008

Intrinsically no angular momentum at the quantum level
So yesterday the tiling in the kitchen was mostly done, with varying degrees of success. I think all are in agreement that the power sockets proved, erm . . . troublesome. Tiling around didn't quite work out; we need to tile underneath, of course. Today I popped into B&Q to return the useless tile cutter (several tiles wasted) for a refund. That done, I bought a new shower curtain and some extra long socket screws. Back at home, I took out one of the screws for the wall socket for the power switch for the, erm . . . cooker? Maybe . . . something like that. Took the screw out, then tried inserting much longer screw. In the screw went . . . at a slightly jaunty angle but never mind. As I'm screwing it in, there's suddenly a flash and a loud bang and the washing machine turned itself off, as did the fridge, freezer and probably all other electrical things in the kitchen. Long story short: I had screwed through the live (brown) cable, thereby short-circuiting from the live cable to (what was effectively) earth. A trip switch tripped in the, er, mains circuit box thingy . . . and the 13A fuse blew in said switch but that was about it. Kind of good fortune that my screw-driver was sufficiently insulated and the electricity didn't see a quicker path through my body. Electricity's lazy like that, of course - it'll always take the easier path. Hmmmmm. Lesson learnt: turn off the electricity before fiddling around with live power switches and the like.

Tuesday 7th October 2008

img_8053.jpgimg_8057.jpgimg_8061.jpgMel took these, I believe, in the hope of capturing that elusive moment: A****** and R****** looking simultaneously photogenic.

Sunday 12th October 2008

Somewhere in the Lake District
I think we're near Ullswater.

Tuesday 14th October 2008

Alluvial flood plains
img_8098.jpgimg_8108.jpgimg_8093.jpg I dunno what's going on here. M****** took these pictures (and many others) whilst I was away at work. So there you go.

Wednesday 22nd October 2008

In essence, this field is analogous to a pool of molasses that “sticks” to the otherwise massless fundamental particles which travel through the field, converting them into particles with mass which form, for example, the components of atoms
img_8656.jpgimg_8663.jpgimg_8664.jpg Erm . . . these are more attempts to capture A****** and R****** together, smiling, not blurring . . . still kind of tricky.

Saturday 25th October 2008

Charles had gone delusional again, muttering about god: "the greatest conspiracy, the greatest conspiracy. Why didn't I see it earlier?!" Julie was only half listening, her attention elsewhere, when suddenly she shouted out, "Christ! They've changed the goal-posts again! HANG ON!" and swiftly . . .
I'm probably not helping the search engines with these titles so in recompense (?!): today the four of us did head over to Pop and Cathie's place, not far at all from Stratford-Upon-Avon, to celebrate their recent marriage and do a bit of house-warming. Journey there was straightforward (98% of it being on motorways) and we were even amongst the first to arrive. Crazy. Anyway . . . a few pictures above. We were all loving the huge trampoline.

Sunday 26th October 2008

Brussels? Why Brussels?
. . . and the next day - M****** feeling completely jet-lagged - those remaining headed into Stratford itself for a bit of a leisurely wander.

Monday 27th October 2008

Erm . . . I don't sure
img_8729.jpgimg_8730.jpg I'm not sure what's going on here, although I could assume Henry and Hilary came around for the afternoon. M****** then took some pictures of A****** and Henry.

Wednesday 29th October 2008

An altercation at the gymnasium
img_8736.jpgimg_8738.jpgimg_8739.jpg It seems like I haven't written much here for ages. I guess I've been busy with other things. That's the usual story anyway. We've finally found someone to 'do' the bathroom for a reasonable price so we've ordered (and since received) bits of bathroom (sink, toilet, tap, pedestal, shower, the usual things). Just for a laugh, we then asked this same man if he could sort out our chimney (there used to be gas heater/boiler/thing there) and he was like, "Yep - I can do that," so that's gonna happen early November. At last. img_8743.jpgimg_8746.jpg See, the fireplace has been reduced in size to fit in with this wretched gas boiler thing. We just need someone to remove all that excess brick and return the fireplace to how it was in the first place . . . then put in a decent hearth. That's all. Doesn't seem difficult.

Thursday 30th October 2008

various pictures taken by M****** . . .