Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Sunday 7th January 2024


Saturday 6th January 2024

Trough Road, Over Wyresdale (?!)
Somewhere in the Trough of Bowland, perhaps Over Wyresdale . . . who knows? Anyway, we were a little concerned that a small patch of young woodland had been felled / 'managed' recently, owing to multiple sightings of a barn owl in these environs recently. Hence, there are a couple of photos here depicting the now barren land. Of course, the tree felling had been done under license by the government, as the sign pointed out, so I'm sure it's all perfectly legit and above board . . .

Monday 1st January 2024

Somewhere around Sizergh

Sunday 31st December 2023

based upon molecular dynamics or microcanonical ensemble algorithms
I wouldn't normally take pictures of food . . . would I?! Do I?! I don't think so. Do I?! No, of course not. Anyway, a lot of work had gone into this food preparation, including M****'s amazing tray-based platter, so I kind of wanted to capture that some how. So that was that. We had friends around and it was the usual thing at midnight, watching Big Ben, the fireworks, and all that . . . and then a few drinks and then bed time, once 2024 had been 'welcomed in', whatever the hell that means.

Thursday 28th December 2023


Tuesday 26th December 2023

Box, boxes, boxen?!

Monday 25th December 2023


Sunday 3rd December 2023

Warton Crag
Not entirely sure what M**** was up to, but in the pursuit of getting a bit of fresh air and all, R****** and I went for a quick walk this afternoon. We didn't think the Lake District would be a great idea - a bit too far away, given the time available, and the roads may have been affected by ice and snow. So we went for Warton Crag instead. Hopefully this isn't the last of the snow we see this winter . . .

Saturday 25th November 2023

High Dam, Finsthwaite

Saturday 11th November 2023

A different part of Nicky Nook
We've been up Nicky Nooky many times but this time R****** and I tackled it from a different angle, from the top of the road of the car park at the back of Wyresdale Park, seems to be one way of describing the location. Anyway, it was a linear walk . . . we went up the steps, wandered around a bit, checked out the tarn, and then wandered back the same way. We could have taken a longer, circular route but, as you can probably tell, time (and light) was against us. Seemed to be quite a popular destination as well. Hmmmmm.

Monday 30th October 2023

I think the previous night, we popped into the games room for a cheeky round of pool before dinner. At some point this man approached R****** and I and was like, "I'm leaving tomorrow and didn't really want to take this fishing rod back that we bought. We've not had a chance to use it yet. Would you like it?" so naturally I was like, "Oh, sure. That's very kind. Thank you very much!" Naturally, it wasn't the most sophisticated fishing rod, but it provided Stu with an opportunity to teach R****** some of the basics.

Sunday 29th October 2023

Kos. A brief wander . . .
So where we were staying, at the Blue Lagoon Village, had its own beach and then, in the distance, the beach would just stretch out for miles and miles. I went for a bit of an explore today, a bit of a wander, but there wasn't too much going on. Sand, rocks, ocean, dunes, shrubs . . . the odd bit of detritus washed up . . . piles of stones. I guess it kind of made a change from the sterile environment of the hotel resort though (where the beach is cleaned, combed (?!) and effectively 'reset' every day).

Saturday 28th October 2023

Castle! With moat and everything!
Took a while to find a decent (but cheap) bucket from the on-site gift shop. The lady behind the till was very helpful though, pointing out a previously hidden bucket that matched the criteria. Yeah . . . I wasn't gonna pay out 20 Euros or whatever it was, but didn't need to as it turned out. Anyway . . . R****** worked on the gate / portcullis thing at the front, as well as a few towers, whilst I worked on foundations, moat and all the other towers. I might have got a bit carried away . . . R****** eventually drifting off to return to his book, and me digging away at my moat, ripping away fingernails and eventually hitting bedrock (in parts, the sand was only about a foot deep or so). Anyway, I think it paid off . . . My idea had been that the present castle was built on the foundations on a previous (ruined) castle. The moat worked and the whole thing was pretty solid and, as far as I could tell, was still largely intact the following day. Can't be a beach holiday without some kind of sandcastle. M**** provided decorative pebbles on the front of the castle.

Friday 27th October 2023

Kos, sunset
Rather annoyingly, it turned out there were a couple of blobs of dust on a few of these images . . . well, that is, the blobs of dust would have been on the lens but, for some reason, were only visible on a few of these images. Perhaps related to where the zoom lens was set to. Dunno. Managed to magic them away with the GIMP anyway.

Sunday 22nd October 2023

The Maize Maze (Doctor Who themed)