Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Saturday 1st October 2005

Too many pictures, not enough explanation. This is Beccy holding A****** in these pictures. Beccy is Simon's girlfriend. Simon is M******'s brother. I might have explained this somewhere before, so in that case I am reiterating. Anyway, Simon took these pictures, I think on a tripod. The time was about 21:32. And that rare picture of A****** smiling (although he does a lot of this, it's rare that we have any kind of camera-like device ready at those moments) was taken at 22:58.

Monday 3rd October 2005

Hmmm, okay. So, me, M****** and A****** have been away all last week. We were over in the Lake District, and there's loads of photographs somewhere, but I'm needing to do revision on account of a university exam next Tuesday. BYE! I've no idea how many hits the web-site has had of late on account of this new version of Apache, that disables the UNIQUE_ID environment variable by default. Lord only knows why. But yeah . . . quick fix once I knew what was wrong.

Friday 7th October 2005

Various pictures of A****** and Archie. I think I've just put these pictures in to prove that I am actually updating this thing. The thing is, yeah, you look at the latest entry, which is October at the moment, and you don't see all the stuff I've added in for September . . . well, pictures anyway. Lots of pictures there. So, yeah . . . I'm getting there. Clearing up the back-log.

Tuesday 11th October 2005

At last - university work over until . . . February, or thereabouts. The exam was scary, but at least I will have passed (based on average for written assignments). There were questions like, "Write some code to blah, blah, blah, synchronous buffer," and I was like, "Well, I would if I had my computer and some reference books with me," but hey . . . time to upload the back-log of pictures and stuff. Oh, and finish painting the walls and things. Blah, blah, blah.

Wednesday 12th October 2005

Hello? These are various pictures of A******. There's not much else to photograph around here at the moment. Is that a bad thing to say? Anyway, he seems to look like three different people in these pictures, the shape-shifting freak, so why not? Not much happened today/tonight. Got home, had dinner, fiddled around with the computer . . . stuff like that, watching a bit of 'Lost'.

Friday 14th October 2005

Saturday 15th October 2005

For the last hour or so (these ones were taken just before 10pm), we had been trying and failing to get a cheesy, family portrait, featuring all three of us. using the 10 second delay thing on the camera. In desperation, we tried doing pictures of just two of us at a time. It was an idea suggested by my elder sister, Jo . . . the family portrait, that is. Anyway . . . some people are out stumbling from pub to pub, to bar, to pub, to bar to night-club, some people are doing stuff like this. Could be worse. I could be constructing a scaled-down replica of the Cutty Sark out of matchsticks in my shed.

Sunday 16th October 2005

Today we caught a bit of fresh air, seeing as how I don't think I actually left the house throughout Saturday. We went over to Golden Acre Park and had a decent wander around, spotting strange mushrooms and chestnut things.
. . . and these, to the right, are more attempts to create a cheesy family (hey, where's the cat?) photograph for my elder sister. Or do I mean older? Oh, I don't know. BYE!

Wednesday 19th October 2005

That is seriously odd. I'm thinking about a track by Aphex Twin . . . the one I recently downloaded . . . Mt. Saint Michel or something like that. I open up my music player, xmms, put it on shuffle and the next track that comes on, out of 2837 other tracks is . . . Mt. Saint Michel by Aphex Twin. How does that work? Thought I would just share that with you . . . carry on, though.

Thursday 20th October 2005

Just been reading this, of which the 'listen again' feature meant I could listen to this after the event, that is at time of writing, of course (although I notice that web-page has a 'listen again' feature). I caught the first ten or so minutes this morning, but then had to go to work, so missed all the best bits. An otherwise dull and self-indulgent load of tosh, were it not for Joan Rivers.

Saturday 22nd October 2005

Tonight we did watch the film 'Bruce Almighty', which seemed to be a film about god creating a severely limited angel. An angel that cannot even transcend the physicality (surely a prerequisite). What wasn't clear was why god lied to 'Bruce' when he said something along the lines of 'you have the powers that I have'. I was saying to M******, "He can materialise a spoon in his mouth, so surely he can materialise a full stomach for everyone's who hungry . . . a glass of water for everyone who's thirsty." But no . . . he just goes around chasing women. The film made no sense.

Sunday 23rd October 2005

Check out the freaky heron thing. Me, M****** and A****** went for a walk along the Leeds/Liverpool canal (well, the tow-path thereof) and this was perched atop a pylon, at the electrical sub-station thingy, near the marina. It flew off a few seconds after taking these pictures (I've deleted all but one), and had an enormous wing-span. I would have taken pictures of the heron in flight, only my battery was dead, and the camera barely managed to take this picture. So there you go.

Wednesday 26th October 2005

Went out for a few drinks after work. First we were at Whitelocks . . . for a couple of hours. Shame the beer wasn't up to much. Then Scarbrough Taps (mmmmmm, good beer), and then home. I think that's all I have to say for myself right now. Today's competition: where am I? Clue: think corporate facilities management.

Thursday 27th October 2005

Web-site is down at time of writing. This is because I'm upgrading/updating my version of MySQL, from version 4.0.something or another, to version 4.1.14. The change in version number is less than 0.1, perhaps 0.09, and yet this has been a disproportionately onerous exercise. With my present operating system, there should be a single command to do all this updating automatically . . . some software would talk to some server somewhere or another, and kind of work out what needs updating (for bug fixes, security patches, et cetera) and make all the changes without any intervention. However, during the upgrade of MySQL the process terminated with this weird error message, containing a link to a web-site on how I might fix this error. Part of this resolution involved running a command 'revdep-build'. Running 'revdep-rebuild' produced another error message, something to do with libglade-config. Some program or another was unable to find 'libglade-config', hence the error. A little bit of investigation reveals that libglade has nothing much to do with MySQL, but is some Gnome application (I don't even run Gnome) to do with the graphics in Opera and some application associated thereof. Trawling around the internet a bit . . . many hours later, I work out, fathom or otherwise guess that I need to install libglade, but not the current version - that would be far to easy. No, I need to install version 0 dot something of libglade, and not the current 2 dot whatever. Ancient version of libglade installed, libglade-config now exists. I re-run revdep-rebuild, which now completes without error. I can then carry on upgrading MySQL. This my computer is now doing. But in order to do this upgrade, I must terminate the current running version of MySQL. You see? So that's why the web-site was down. This is what I'm currently doing, but I think I got distracted from the more dull task of printing/gathering miscellaneous bills and statements, in order to finalise another re-remortgage. The second letter I received concerning this was titled, "Re: Re-mortgage" which I liked.

Friday 28th October 2005

. . . now four minutes past midnight. Something weird's been going on tonight (Thursday night). At some point tonight, the phone made this beeping noise . . . the kind of beeping noise it would make if the power had been cycled . . . off and then back on again, very soon thereafter. I thought the phones were just being weird, and didn't really think any more of it. Then, a bit later on, it happened again, only this time I noticed a light (as I was stood about two feet from a ceiling light) flicker and I could hear my neighbours shouting something about 'house'. And then, yet again, it happened more recently about half an hour ago. This time, the phone did its beeping thing again, symptomatic of a power cycle, only I don't think the cycle was quick enough this time. Some kind of alarm (possibly a burglar alarm) started at the same time as the phone beeping, somewhere up the street, and I went upstairs to check the computer, and it had crashed . . . Not good. The computer was right in the middle of installing the new version of MySQL. Maybe by three in the morning it might all be running again. Dull, dull, dull, dull. Hmmmm, what we need is 3D pong.