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Monday 1st August 2005

Got a bit bored of pictures of cats and humans, hence this. Mark had come over for lunch and, being such a gorgeous day, we sat outside and ate there, whilst I took the occasional picture of wasp/butterfly/flower/whatever.
blah, blah, blah . . . in the morning, Archie was dropped off at my brother's place, where he was to stay until Thursday. Just thought you might be interested.
Then, in the evening (these pictures were taken between half seven and quarter past eight), we went over to my parents' house, where there was also my younger sister (Jess), my brother-in-law (Phil) and their two children (Jake (the older of the two) and Ethan), who had arrived but recently.

Tuesday 2nd August 2005

Not sure what happened today (erm . . . shopping in Lancaster? Microphone stand?). Ah yes, I remember now. But apart from the trip to Lancaster, there wasn't much else. A fairly lazy day.

Wednesday 3rd August 2005

We went for another walk today . . . somewhere along the canal at Bolton-le-Sands, I think it was. There's some ducks. Whatever. And, erm . . . that looks like me pushing some pram thing.
Check out the huge spider. I found it on the landing and was chasing it around with my camera, trying to keep it away from our bedroom. In the end, it went into Simon's room. I tried to squash it between door and door frame but only succeeded in knocking the part out of the door handle mechanism that enables one to open the door. Effectively, I had 'locked' us out of that room. Ooooops. Twenty minutes with a screwdriver and some pliers and it was all sorted. Damn spiders.

Thursday 4th August 2005

So, yeah . . . looks like we went for another walk today (this time towards Lancaster). That must have been later on in the afternoon. Oh, wait a sec. I can just check what time the pictures were taken. 16:18 and 16:48. Fair enough. Earlier on in the day, I had collected Archie from my brother. I guess after the walk, we must have done all the packing. That took a while. We set off from Lancaster (oh, okay . . . actually Halton, but whatever) some time in the early evening. There's a dragonfly in that first picture, although it's a bit blurry. Damn dragonflies. The other picture is some strange streetlights underneath a motorway bridge somewhere along the path we were walking along.
. . . looks like we have a couple of pictures of Archie here. M****** took these. The toys (except that little mouse thingy) are for A******, but Archie seems to get more entertainment out of them at the moment, so whatever.

Friday 5th August 2005

Today I have mainly been updating my web-site, clearing up around the house and . . . I think that's about it, really. Collected a parcel from Royal Mail (a cute little USB key-ring sized, solid-state drive). Erm . . . oh, and we've been trying to keep A****** awake throughout most of today as he insisted on keeping us up throught (throught? What is 'throught'?) large chunks of last night. Dunno if this is gonna work, but it's kinda funny. I think the poor thing was just a bit freaked at having been moved around from house to house. I say that, but it seems whenever we think we've worked out what's bugging him, something else comes along.

Saturday 6th August 2005

Look how sad I am - putting in pictures of my USB thingy (it is quite sweet though, with its freaky rainbow colours and mirrored surface). I've made a little bit of script that means when that thing is plugged into my main computer it goes, "Oh, hello. I guess you wanna update the WEP keys then," which it then does, putting copies of all of those on the USB drive. The USB drive can then be removed and plugged into the lap-top in order to connect up to the network. Sweet. I'm not saying, "Check me out, aren't I clever doing that?" but rather, "Aren't computers clever, allowing all this to occur?"

Sunday 7th August 2005

I think these are the insides of my computer, illuminated by UV light. Something like that. We've given Archie the freedom of the house, hoping he might find better things to do with his time. Hence, I was wondering, "What is that noise upstairs?" but it was just Archie running around, attacking miscellaneous bits of plastic. I took a few a pictures whilst I was there. I seem to have deleted all the good ones. Ah well. Erm . . . hello? Why is 'The Sky at Night' on the Paramount Comedy channel? What's that all about?

Tuesday 9th August 2005

Oh joy. The wireless connection just went whilst I was working on my next assignment (that was yesterday evening), so I turn the computer off and think, "Well, whatever. I'll go to bed then. What's that dripping sound?" for there is a dripping sound coming from . . . somewhere. Eventually I think to look under the sink. Hmmmm. There's the problem. The sink, that had previously been full with luke-warm soapy water, has slowly been leaking into the storage space below. Joy joy joy. I clean it up, make a mental note to buy a new U-bend from Wilkinson's and go to bed. Hmmmm. Only there's a small child, lying in a cot, in my bedroom, screaming and crying. The child has eaten all he can eat, has a clean nappy, clean clothes, is warm and must be tired. "Hmmm, I know - I'm really tired, nothing's really bothering me, all's right with the world . . . better start crying then."

Oh, I didn't need a U-bend after all . . . just a plug-hole and the bit that connects the plug-hole to the U-bend. No pictures of A****** at the moment. He's got puss-filled spots all over his chin. No-one wants to see that. The week beginning August 22nd is going to be party week. M****** and A****** will be in Lancaster (my god - I'll be able to sleep for more than four hours at a time). Rav and Walter, if you're reading this, Thursday night? 25th August? Leeds? Or indeed anyone else . . .

Wednesday 10th August 2005

Hello again. I don't think I have much news. Just trying to get my university assignment done right now.

Thursday 11th August 2005

These were taken at about 18:42 or thereabouts. The spots on his chin seemed to have cleared up. It's Saturday when I write this, so I've no idea what happened on Thursday. That was an age ago. agu. ago. Hello?

Saturday 13th August 2005

So yeah . . . gave A****** (blimey, it's difficult using a laptop when you've got a crazed kitten leaping on and around your computer) his morning 'feed' (Mel, not me) just before we set off for town this morning. The plan: get A****** registered and official. The only problem throughout that was the right-handed fountain pen we were given to sign our names. I tried my best, whilst the registrar reassured me, "Oh, just . . . do what you can . . . you poor, poor man." I think that's what she said. Yeah. So, erm . . . then we wandered around town a bit, bought this baby carrier thing and then went home. Rob and Rosie turned up not long after that. So, if you're looking at these pictures, thinking, "Who is she?" then you're either weird, and know full well who everyone is (although I wouldn't call it weird . . . some might though); or you've never been here before. Hello? Or another option . . . maybe you don't know who M****** is either. M****** has the brown, curly hair (makes it sound there is only one hair). Rosie doesn't. Can I go now?
And so these are various pictures from Unity Day. M******, me and A****** went for a walk and, via Jackson's on Brudenell Road, we eventually ended up at Hyde Park. Second picture from the left (or first from the right). . . that is indeed Jarratt sat down there. Jarratt lives with Phil. Phil H. Phil H left a comment for the entry on 17th July. It all fits together. So yeah . . . we went there, wandered around a bit, A****** completely oblivious to it all. Drank some beer and headed back home.
various other pictures . . . First picture is M****** trying to capture some essence of Leeds. I explained that there's a better angle on all these back-to-back from the golf course, other side of the river, over in Armley. I think I got such a picture somewhere. Somewhere . . . and I think there's a picture of some SMA cartons there. I was getting sick of everything getting pixelated these days. I'm surprised more people aren't pixelated when they leave their homes. So yeah . . . good old SMA. Then some pictures of M******, A****** and Archie. And why not? Anyone wanna claim a patent or copyright on any of this? How and why do we keep goats lactating long enough to produce enough goat's cheese?

Sunday 14th August 2005

went for a walk at some point this afternoon. Here's some pictures. Fascinating.

Monday 15th August 2005

How weird's that, eh? A couple of weeks ago, I think to myself, just before falling asleep that night, "Blimey, I haven't had a flying dream for ages. Maybe they've stopped now that A****** has appeared," although I don't really see any logic there. But that night, I had a dream that I was learning to fly . . . just a few feet off the ground, and then back down again. Next night, I was fine, and flying all over the place, back to normal. And it's been fine ever since. I spend several weeks not dreaming of unassisted flying and then when I do . . . I need practice to get back into the swing of things.

Tuesday 16th August 2005

some stuff has been happening recently, I'm sure of it . . . I'm just busy right now, you see. Ah yes. The obligatory baby-in-bath photo. Something to embarrass him by in later years. A****** has already developed a habit of gripping my hand/thumb for dear life when in water. Not surprising, really, as M****** once thought A****** would have some kind of automatic holding-of-breath mechanism if he got submerged in water momentarily. He didn't, as we learnt.

Wednesday 17th August 2005

Blah, blah, blah. What on earth is Wonderfalls, and why should I care? Crazy people. Crazy, crazy, crazy. I have updated previous days with some boring photos. Go and look at those, if you want. You don't have to. You could go for a walk. I don't mind. I'm going to iron a shirt now. Then I'm going to bed, but I might read a bit of The Hobbit first, as I've nearly finished it. And I'll probably clean my teeth before going to bed. Oh . . . and A****** might need feeding again. So that's me done. BYE!

Thursday 18th August 2005

Friday 19th August 2005

These pictures were taken at about quarter to eleven that night. They're, erm, Simon Sticks (or Stix?!). They're a bit like that game 'Simon Says' (I think), but you have to wave these stick things around (kinda like drum sticks). Erm . . . that's about it, really. I can't remember much else about this day. Must be back in Halton.

Saturday 20th August 2005

This picture seems to be all that I have remaining from this day. Looks like some kind of frog/toad thing. The pond looks like the one at M******'s mum's place. I feel the word cavil should be used more often - to find fault without good reason. Oh, I get it - today was the day when Sam, Jackie and Hilary came round to see me, M****** and A******. Yep, that sounds about right. A very relaxed day . . . we were mainly just sitting outside, enjoying the sun. In the evening, I visited my parents, finally delivering my dad's birthday present.

Sunday 21st August 2005

/images/2005/August/thumbnails/thumb_IMG_4551.jpg/images/2005/August/thumbnails/thumb_IMG_4557.jpg/images/2005/August/thumbnails/thumb_IMG_4558.jpg/images/2005/August/thumbnails/thumb_IMG_4561.jpg/images/2005/August/thumbnails/thumb_IMG_4564.jpg/images/2005/August/thumbnails/thumb_IMG_4566.jpg/images/2005/August/thumbnails/thumb_IMG_4568.jpg/images/2005/August/thumbnails/thumb_IMG_4574.jpg/images/2005/August/thumbnails/thumb_IMG_4576.jpg/images/2005/August/thumbnails/thumb_IMG_4586.jpg/images/2005/August/thumbnails/thumb_IMG_4590.jpg/images/2005/August/thumbnails/thumb_IMG_4592.jpg Looks like today we went to Muncaster, checking out owls and stuff.

Tuesday 23rd August 2005

intentionally left blank. it's a bit too late now anyway. Oh . . . alright then. Attended an interview for a permanent job this morning (results of which to be released on Friday) and in the evening I've been feeding a co-axial from one floor of my house to another (how strange, the spaces between walls and floors/ceilings). So yeah . . . that's about it really. Oh, and some painter/decorator guy came round for some quotation to strip a load of wallpaper, do a bit of wallpapering and painting. The quotation would suggest he didn't really want the job. Fair enough.