Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Friday 2nd September 2005

I seem to recall driving back to Lancaster this evening, me and Simon. We were meant to set off at 16:30 but it ended up being 17:30 instead. Ah well. There was some accident at Hellifield, involving a broken telegraph pole and then, of course, we had to stop at Booths (Ilkley) for victuals (wine, beer and water), but we were only an hour late arriving (which figures). Erm . . . so yeah. That picture was taken at Mark's flat - we had dinner there, you see.

Saturday 3rd September 2005

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday . . . hmmmmm. Saturday. The day after Friday. The day before Sunday. Hmmm. Right. That seems to be a picture of A******. Ever wonder about the graph of 'photographs of' (y-axis) and time/age (x-axis) for an individual during their lifespan? I bet it would be quite high during the first few months/years but then drop off gradually, peaking around significant events (marriages, graduations, birthdays, blah blah blah), but then asymptotically approaching y=0 as x approaches infinity.
Oh, well I remember this bit, yes. We drove to Yealand Redmayne (or whatever). Something like that. It was this tiny village north of Halton, next to another tiny village called Yealand Conyers or similar. Anyway, the three of us went for a walk, stopping for lunch at about the halfway point. We passed Leighton Hall on the way back, this being a circular route.

Sunday 4th September 2005

Oh dear, it's a bit too late. I have a mountain of photographs but not presently the time to down/up load them to the computer. I'm just writing this so that people can't accuse me of failing to update my web-site. Oh, there you go - three pictures there.

Monday 5th September 2005

My son, A******, was born on 16th July GMT or 17th July BST. I think daylight savings time is an anachronism. I say when we next go back to GMT, let's stay there, and stop springing forward and falling back like crazed fools.

Thursday 8th September 2005

Hello. Updates made. This is Simon (M****'s brother) painting the vast expanse of walls/ceiling above one of the stair-cases in my house. Maybe I set the exposure too high on one of these pictures.

Friday 9th September 2005

Some fruit, a cat, a lap-top . . .

Saturday 10th September 2005

Erm . . .various pictures of Archie. That flourescent collar thing didn't last very long. Archie quickly discovered he could take annoying collar off with a grapple with his claws and teeth. Not good. But yeah . . . this was also probably the day we said, "You can go outside now Archie. YOU'RE FREE!!!" That blue metal cylinder thing attached to Archie's collar is a little identity . . . erm . . . identity . . . identity thing. You unscrew it and there's a tiny bit of paper there, containing his name, our address and contact number . . . should anything untowards happen, such as ending up in Devon.
Look at them . . . all fun and laughter one minute, studiously flicking through the atlas, the next scribbling down notes on the blackboard on how to remotely log-in to an X server via a Knoppix-based laptop, wirelessly networked, PCMCIA, TCP/IP, WAP, WEP, WIP, HTTP, UDP, XDMCP, LTSP, projects and protocols, event triggers and course-grained atomic operations. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Sunday 11th September 2005

Blimey, those are tiny thumbnails. I can barely see those or make out any kind of detail or . . . anything. Freak. Anyway, these are pictures taken at Roundhay Park. We were wandering around there - me, M****, A******, Helen and Stu. Otherwise . . . recently I have been looking at the ancient Chinese city of Xi'an (well, in a sense . . . looking at pictures of). How cool is that!!! And check out the crazy Egyptian pyramid things: here, here AND here!!!! Those wacky Egyptians, eh?

Wednesday 14th September 2005

Been a bit busy of late . . . one last university assignment to complete and I've just started it with about a week and a half to go.

Friday 16th September 2005

Hi, It's M**** here. I feel very privileged to be allowed to type on this!!! So, I have added this film for the benefit of Auntie Lizzie and Auntie Anna who are currently in New Zealand (and anyone else who hasn't yet met my gorgeous son) so they can see A****** in action. Click HERE. Enjoy.

Saturday 17th September 2005

Several weeks later, and I've no idea what happened on this day and why there's these two pictures. Ah well. Dun't matter.

Monday 19th September 2005

Hmmmmm, this date is familiar. I know this date . . . oh, I remember, it's a year to the day when I decided to keep a track of money that I pick up from the pavement (or whatever). Yes. How exciting. I must have almost three pounds by now. Amazing. So, yeah . . . I'm still alive, M****'s alive, A****** is fine (alive? yes, alive) . . . we're all fine. I'm trying to get my last university assignment finished for this year, there's all these photographs of A****** or the cat or something . . . some painting still needs doing. So yeah . . . it's all fine. Right. I'm off now.

Tuesday 20th September 2005

nothing much to report . . . Michael informs me that a Google search for 'Quicksilver foetus ZX81 cow' returns many, many hits now. Most of these are my web-site, or previous versions thereof. Google must have grown slightly. I'm wondering now what other three words return zero hits (or one) in a Google search. Hmmmm. AAAARGGGHHH - the enemy! BEWARE! Tidy armpit. In double quotes.
Hmmmm. So that's A******. And some guy came round today (we had invited him), to measure up how much carpet we would need. He asked M****, "So, erm, how d'ya get the piano in?" In what? Strange man, strange question. Weird attracts weird. We built the house around it, you fool. But then I remember how we did get the piano inside our house. Two men, a youngish guy with a bad back who sweated far too much and an older one who had such a local accent, we could barely understand a word he said.

Thursday 22nd September 2005

M**** bought this weird, waterproof garment for A******. Looks like A****** needs to do a bit of growing.

Saturday 24th September 2005

So here we are at this cute little cottage thing, somewhere in the Lake District, of which we had hired for four nights. If you need an exact location, it's about here (ignore the red circle), at Stoddah Farm Cottage or something like that. We arrived not long after Mark and Maria, who staying over until Sunday night. These are two of the cats, hanging around the garden. They belonged to the owners of the property, who lived in the adjoining property. There was also a black cat somewhere, but this one was very shy. Meanwhile, Archie's staying in a cattery in Adel, poor thing.
M**** says the A****** unit looks like he has man-boobs in this picture. So, yeah . . . better keep it then. This is inside the cottage, following a rather unsuccesful bath. And that picture of M****, that's facing the front door.

Sunday 25th September 2005

So, I think today, after a decent breakfast, we drove to, erm . . . How Town, or somewhere like that. From there, the plan was to catch a ferry to Glen Ridding. The first picture is of A******, that morning, 10:42. Next picture, 12:55, waiting in the strange beer garden of the pub at How Town, waiting for the ferry . . . and then, that's A****** again, same beer garden . . . Then I went for a wander, up the hill, hence the fourth photo.
So these are various pictures taken on the ferry thing from How Town over to Glen Ridding. I remember something about a broken cash machine, a pub on the way up to Striding Edge, or similar. Helvellen, anyway. We didn't walk that way. We got to the pub, the Traveller's Rest, had lunch, and headed back. Enough energy expended in just getting there.
Those last two pictures, yeah? You have to mess around with some kind of image manipulation software, filter out certain colours, emphasise others, and then you might be able to make out a string of four stars, very close together, green, red, purple and brown, in that order, from top to bottom. They're somewhere on the second picture.

Monday 26th September 2005

This looks like Castlerigg, unless I'm very much mistaken. I think today we checked out the stone circle there (last time I was here, about eight years ago, it was pouring down) and then drove into Keswick. Bought A****** this beige knitted hat. Went for a bit of a walk . . . had lunch at this cafe/restaurant thing (Massey's?!), bought some food from Booth's . . . that was probably about it.
Blimey, this is a boring picture (to the right there). Maybe I should make the thumbnail larger. A glass of cloudy water. God knows why I photographed this. Water out of the tap came out like this. Cloudiness clears after about five minutes. Wow.

Tuesday 27th September 2005

Today was the last full day at our Lake District cottage; we had to be out by 10am the following day. In the first picture there, A****** was all upset about something, so I sat him on the window and that seemed to calm him down pretty instantly. I wasn't about to push him out, really I wasn't. So, during the afternoon, we went for a fairly long walk, starting off at the car park at Aira Force and ending up at this odd little pub (I think visible in the fourth picture along there) at Dockray. This map's better (proper OS map, with the pub marked and everything). I say odd as we were the only customers there, and the land lady (or similar) was . . . well, odd, really. I'm not sure how else to put it. Once we were served and sat down, she picked up all her account books from the table opposite us and simply moved to another, quieter part of the pub.
Yeah . . . so, trees and hills and lakes and stuff. These pictures would have been of the way back from the pub, back to the car park. Those last two were taken later on that evening. In that blue-ish picture, I was trying to photograph the deer but the light was failing (19:07) and so was the battery. I was just beginning to experiment with strange settings on the camera when the battery gave up completely. Hence, that wasn't quite the picture I was after, but hey . . . better than nothing.
Tonight we stayed over at M****'s grandparent's place in Ambleside. I seem to remember a great deal of rain today . . . that would have been whilst we were shopping in Ambleside. Hmmmm, yes. M****'s grandmother, Therese, asked that a picture of A****** be taken of him bathing in their metal bath, as many generations have bathed in said bath in that very kitchen. So why not? Something more to embarrass A****** with in years to come.

Thursday 29th September 2005

Today saw the partial realisation of one of my myriad of ambitions. This one was an easy one: go rowing in a lake with a bottle of red wine. The only thing missing was a bottle of wine. But there I am, rowing across Grasmere. Here's a link. We started on the north side, and I rowed all around the circumference, narrowly avoiding miscellaneous shallow waters and strange floating weed things. We could only land on the island in the case of emergencies. Later on that day, blisters on my fingers, we went for a walk, somewhere near Ambleside . . . we being me, M****, A****** (who wasn't doing much walking) and M****'s grandparents, Peter and Therese, at whose house we had stayed at the previous day.

Friday 30th September 2005

So this was probably some time Friday evening, back in Halton, M****'s mum's place . . . 11:39 and 11:46, come to think of it.