Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Sunday 1st September 2019

Gait Barrows
P9013932.JPGI think we were at somewhere like Gait Barrows today.

Saturday 7th September 2019

Looking for Silver Birch
P9073940.JPGP9073941.JPGP9073945.JPGWell, yeah, kind of . . . We fancied a walk around Yealand area and also A****** had an art piece of homework to do involving sketching some silver birch bark, I believe. To help with this, we were on a little quest for silver birch, taking pictures and the like, taking some samples back with us. We figured probably best to go the extra mile, do some sketches of leaves as well, that kind of thing. In hindsight, the extra work paid dividends and it all paid off.

Saturday 14th September 2019

This was the second day of a weekend away somewhere near Eccleshall (Stoke?!) with Anna, Justin and family. We arrived Friday night . . . around about 19:30 or something like that, Anna and Justin arriving a few hours after. Today we went to this Monkey Forest place, a kind of sanctuary thing for barbary macaque monkeys. The monkeys pretty much had free rein to wander around as they saw fit, with the humans having to remain vigilant and not get too close. It was great, though. I mean, how can you can go wrong? Trees, monkeys, good weather . . . Yep, all good.

Saturday 21st September 2019

Somewhere in the Yealands . . .

Sunday 22nd September 2019

P9223978.JPGI think we're in Ambleside here. We popped by to do a bit of shopping, maybe, and then had a quick walk around the Stockghyll waterfall thingy. Yeah. So that's that.