Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Friday 1st August 2014

Devon, Day 14
P1010426.JPGP1010424.JPGP1010423.JPGP1010422.JPGSo yeah . . . I'm guessing this was our last full day in Devon, before having to make the long drive back. The rain had managed to save itself until today, which isn't that bad considering we were there for two weeks. I think we pottered around Torcross (again!) and then, later on, did some shopping in Kingsbridge, where the rain got decidedly worse.

Saturday 9th August 2014

Lowther Country Fair (or whatever it is)

Sunday 10th August 2014

Tide out, a brief wander around Hest Bank

Saturday 23rd August 2014

P1010516.JPGP1010517.JPGP1010518.JPGP1010520.JPGP1010523.JPGThere's a couple of poor attempts at utilising my camera's "panoramic" mode (top line, far right and bottom line, far left) here. Oh, and I seem to recall we had these two mad showers, each occurring at 2pm and then 3pm but then nothing else afterwards. The third and fourth pictures here were taken from the relative shelter of this mahooosive tree, whilst trying to encourage R****** to get out of the rain (he wasn't that bothered). So yeah.

Monday 25th August 2014

Fell Foot Park

Friday 29th August 2014

Earth to Echo
This afternoon we popped over to Ambleside to see 'Earth to Echo', as part of this cinema-meal-deal thing that Zeffirelli's do. These pictures were taken after the film, when we had dinner at Zeffirelli's itself and then had a wander around the park before heading home.

Saturday 30th August 2014

Muncaster Castle and around
Now, of course, I wouldn't normally do this: take pictures of food when out and about. However, this was different. We had dinner at the Ratty Arms and I just fancied a salad. Just a plain, chicken salad. But check this out that I was served! Possibly one of the most amazing chicken salads I've ever been served and in the most unexpected of places: Ravenglass. But hey, there it is!

Sunday 31st August 2014

Gummer's How
Note there's a lot of pictures of A****** and R****** kind of posing for a photograph. Note also despite these and many more pictures, we still couldn't get one where they were both looking at the camera and doing a normal smile (I'm sure I've ranted before thus). I think it's just because of the camera; they get all camera shy. Also note more of these wretched panoramic shots. I'm finally working out how to use this damn camera (although still not perfect); probably didn't help that it came with no instructions. Today did also involve some fantastic, elevated clambering around between trees, otherwise known as Tree Top Trek, over at Brockhole. Once I have the pictures transferred from my phone, I'll amend all of this . . . Which I have now done! Woo hoo! See below.