Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Saturday 1st March 2014

Somewhere around Nicky Nook

Sunday 9th March 2014

Looks like Silverdale

Wednesday 12th March 2014

A sudden and unexpected fog
P3127823.JPGWell, that was weird . . . I was walking A****** and George to Cub Scouts (or whatever they call it these days) and it was a lovely clear evening. Then, quite fast, this freezing fog appeared. Between the time it took to walk from home to the Cub Scouts hut (about 10 minutes walk away, if that) this thick, freezing fog appeared. I tried (and failed) to photograph the stuff, but hey . . . This is the only photo remaining, me rather uselessly shining a torch upwards in my back garden. What is that red spot? A fault with the camera, me thinks.

Saturday 15th March 2014

When sheep attack!
P3157852.JPGP3157853.JPGP3157854.JPGIn these last three pictures we had this interesting situation of us trying to get past a load of sheep, when a couple of over-protective ewes were thinking that we represented a threat to their lambs. We managed to frighten one of the ewes away, who was momentarily standing its ground but then another appeared to assert its authority - this one was made of sterner stuff and it was quite a sizeable thing as well. I kind of waved my arms around, made menacing noises but it stood its ground. When it started lurching towards me I was hoping that we, as a family, could remain as a single solid unit but M****** and the boys scarpered. I had my stick in hand and was vaguely thinking about whacking it on the side of its head but as I gradually retreated towards M****** and the boys, the ewe thought better of it and kind of stopped there, just staring at me but definitely not backing off. It was a kinda odd moment because I wasn't entirely sure what I would have done had it charged at me . . . probably run and hope for the best. I think in the past, when this has happened, the ewe just wants the threat away from its lambs and once the threat has gone, it will return to its progeny . . . I dunno if that's always the case though. Fun times. though. It introduced an unexpected burst of excitement / adrenaline to our day.

Sunday 16th March 2014

Around Sizergh Castle with Mouse and Simon
P3167856.JPGP3167855.JPGI'm guessing (hoping) the subject of this post kind of explains it all. Mouse and Simon came over the day before to watch a friend perform at a play in Lancaster somewhere (I think the castle) and the following day we went out for a walk.

Sunday 23rd March 2014

Three stitches later . . .
So yeah . . . it's probably about 11:00 in the morning . . . something like that . . . and A****** and R****** are playing across the road with the three children who live there. All normal so far. Then we hear A****** screaming and shouting, panic in his voice, and we just know something's not right. I quickly get my dressing gown on and by the time I'm downstairs R****** is being led into the kitchen, crying his eyes out, with a stream of blood down the side of his head, originating from the right temple. The bleeding had stopped but there's a big (say, half an inch) gash on his temple. Long story short . . . there was a little wait at A&E in order to get three stitches sown in but it wasn't a massive wait . . . an hour and a half, say?! Something like that. R****** was fine in the end. We went over for a late lunch at Helen & Stu's, having been slightly delayed by the events of the latter part of the morning. Oh! I forgot to say what caused the cranial gash . . . the neighbour's garage door was kind of half open at that perfect angle . . . R****** ran past the open garage door, whacked his head, fell over, got back up again, none-the-wiser, unaware of the bleeding. It was only when A****** saw the blood that anyone knew anything was wrong.

Wednesday 26th March 2014

Stitches and 'phidolphia'
P3267862.JPGI think we were watching Hugo recently and R****** mispronounced 'Philadelphia' as 'Phidolphia', which was kind of cute. Subsequently whenever he asked for a digestive biscuit with some 'Phidolphia' spread on the top, I found it hard to refuse. Anyway, that aside . . . here be his stitches inflicted from the injury referred to on 23rd March.

Saturday 29th March 2014

International Centre for Birds of Prey or something

Sunday 30th March 2014

Withernstow and Steele, check the elevation