Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Saturday 4th February 2006

During the afternoon, we did drive over to, erm . . . Hest Bank, I think it was. It was a bit of a grey day and there wasn't really much to photograph (see fourth picture along), hence all the pictures of A******. Worse still, all the fish and chip shops were closed (we were too late for lunch and too early for dinner), and so had to settle for some Spar sandwiches. We parked the car facing the sea, had lunch then wandered along the coast (the Lancashire Coastal Way or such-like).

Sunday 5th February 2006

So, anyway, some time in the early afternoon we headed north, heading roughly in the direction of the Lake District. We stopped off for fuel and 'victuals' (as my brother would call them) and carried on up the M6. We got the Hawkshead ferry and headed for Tarn Hows, only slightly concerned about the mist/fog stuff. Anyway, we either got above the level of the mist or else it dispersed: it was all gone from Tarn Hows. So, we had lunch, did a bit of wandering around and then headed back. That was about it, really. Erm . . . not many pictures . . . the weather wasn't really suitable, you see. The first couple of pictures were taken at one of the ferry terminals (?!). Note the picture of large-body-of-water-and-ducks-to-the-lower-right. That should look famiilar.

Tuesday 7th February 2006

Went to Warrington today. Got out of the train at Warrington Bank Quays (or whatever) and it smelt of . . . fish. Ken explained that would be the huge industrial plant (Unilever?) over there, towering over the train station. Nice. So that's Warrington then. Later on, back in Lancaster, I contacted my estate agent about my house ("So is it sold yet?") and we have some kind of crazy house viewing party going on on Saturday: four viewings, all at the same time. The estate agent seem to think this is a good idea, having all these viewings at once. Well, whatever. Viewings are good. Plus, one of them is doing a second viewing and another guy who saw the house last Sunday wants to be notified as soon as any offers are made. I would say, "Maybe we're finally getting somewhere," but that would be tempting fate, so I ain't. BYE!

Wednesday 8th February 2006

Hmmmm, can't really remember what happened today. Ah well. Can't have been too important. Recently I had this odd dream that I was asleep, but then I awoke, only I wasn't properly awake, only awake in my dream, if you follow. I thought that was odd. Dreaming of dreaming (well, sleeping). Almost as odd of dreaming of dying. Hmmmm, right.

Friday 10th February 2006

Today was my brother's birthday, so James, Hilary, M****** and I went out for a meal at the Shabab. After the meal, James and Hilary went home (I think James had been out quite a lot this week, having had the week off work) whilst M****** and I went to the Merchants, which was presently going through one its busy period. It kind of goes in phases, the Merchants. People think it's cool for a few years, but then it gets too busy, and the cool people move on, and the not so cool people kind of wonder where everyone's gone, but carry on drinking there nonetheless. Then the freaks move in, with their healing hands, crystals and telepathy, and then it goes quiet again. Something like that. Anyway, that night it was busy. But we weren't there long. Liz picked us up and then the three of us went to the, er . . . that pub in Halton . . . the one that's not the White Lion. Erm . . . I forget its name.

Saturday 11th February 2006

These are more dull pictures of the moon from that night. Not quite full, but with a gorgeous halo around it. Liz said this meant something, but couldn't quite remember what, or whether it was a good or a bad sign. It was a sign that drunk people with digital cameras would be trying very hard to stay very still for up to fifteen seconds at a time.

Sunday 12th February 2006

Erm . . . we went to this pub in Glasson Dock again. I think it's called the Victoria. They do reasonable food there. A****** had a plate of beans, fish fingers and mash. We've (or more accurately, M******) got him eating most stuff now. He seems to prefer normal food to the baby stuff you get in those little pots/containers. How exciting.

Monday 13th February 2006

Still alive. University term has started now, though. That means time that would have ordinarily been spent updating web-site is now being spent doing other, more important things. Anyway . . . no major news . . . no offers made on my house.

Wednesday 15th February 2006

Here's today's web-site - (or do I mean this?). Of course. we've seen similar things from SETI, but I never really saw the point of SETI. I mean, how old's the universe? How long has intelligent life been around for? How long have humans been around for? And how long have humans been sending out radio waves into space? (and how long will we continue doing so?) We're talking about minuscule probabilities here. So, I just don't get it, really; don't see the point. But yeah . . . setting up a vast network of computers to produce an accurate model for climate change for this planet . . . well, that sounds useful. My computer is supposedly contributing to this project, although it's hard to see exactly how: I've so far contributed 0.00 credits towards the project. Maybe something's not right. Oh, and sorry those pictures are so dark. I leave it as an exercise for those interested to alter saturation/contrast/etc as they see fit.
Other news . . . I've reduced the price of my house to £114,950. We've had about 14 viewings now over the past four weeks, and still no-one's put in an offer. So, drastic measures necessary. Details should be somewhere on Castlehill.

Friday 17th February 2006

erm . . . some pictures. Oh yes, this is A******. And some brightly coloured children's toys. Now there's a thing, eh - brightly coloured children's toys. I wonder if it'll catch on? In the third picture along, A****** is almost crawling, but he still hasn't quite worked out what to do with his legs once he's managed to push himself up from the ground, and ends going backwards somehow. Kind of reminds me of my failed attempts at that stupid style of swimming: butterfly or moth whatever it was. Or maybe frog, that would seem more apt. Anyway, I could never work out the butterfly stroke and ended up usually going backwards and swallowing a load of chlorinated water.

Saturday 18th February 2006

Today we were somewhere in the Lake District. Those first couple of pictures were at the ferry terminal thingy at Hawkshead. I counted the cars waiting to get on the ferry. My car was number 31 (or close enough). Then I counted the cars (and short wheel base Transit van) coming off the ferry. There were twelve. I figured it might be a while before getting on the ferry, so we had a change of plan. Liz was driving with perhaps Mark navigating and M****** and I (and A******) in the car behind.
And I think we ended up at Troutbeck . . . possibly. Somewhere like that. Anyway, that was just for lunch (the Mortal Man), and then we carried on, ending up somewhere near Windermere. I'm not exactly sure were we where. Where we were? We're where? We? Were where? I just don't know. It was good anyway. M****** was carrying A****** on her front, with A****** facing out. Every time someone looked at him he started smiling, thereby attracting lots of attention from people walking towards us (although there weren't that many, come to think of it). Anyway, these kind of places are now but short car journeys from our home, so we're taking advantage.

Sunday 19th February 2006

Well, today we had a brief trip out to the Fairy Steps, at what I think is called Beetham. After that, we had lunch the Ship at Sandside (near Arnside). A****** freaked a bit towards the end. I guess he was tired, and wanted to tell everyone in the pub about how angry he was about being tired.

Monday 20th February 2006

Sensible offer has finally materialised for my house in Leeds. At last. The offer was actually over the asking price, on account of the agent being somehow unable/unwilling (?!) to tell prospective buyers about the value of other offers. Why is this anyway?

Tuesday 21st February 2006

A****** has learnt a new sound: d. He's been adding various vowel sounds around 'd', so it was therefore only a matter of time before the discernible sound of 'daddy' came out (well, more like 'daa dee', but hey), so that was kind of sweet. Kind of makes a change from blowing raspberries or else an increasingly loud mmmmmm sound, as his frustration mounts.