Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Thursday 4th May 2006

This was our last week in Leeds, so M**** went crazy, taking pictures of Leeds roofs, Leeds drainpipes, Leeds gutters, Leeds cars, Leeds windows . . . just whatever, reallly. I didn't really feel it was my place to apply any kind of selection criteria to these pictures, so I've just left them as they are, rotating the odd one here and there.
As before, these are more pictures taken by M****, this time trying to capture an essence of Leeds at night. Hmmmmm.

Friday 5th May 2006

So this was the day of the big move. Not surprisingly, taking photographs wasn't high up on my list of priorities. It was a bit of a hectic day, and it wasn't until about 1pm or thereabouts that I even knew that I had somewhere to move to, that being when all the money was transferred to the various parties.

Thursday 11th May 2006

M**** will probably hate me writing this, but the cute, sleepiness of A****** is not entirely natural here, having been administered with some kind of painkillers a couple of hours ago, following a nasty encounter between A****** head and corner of kitchen cupboard. Ouch. Anyway - no harm, just a sore head.

Saturday 13th May 2006

So today is Simon's (as in M****'s brother) birthday, so we kind of combined birthday celebrations with M**** and I baby sitting for her auntie. We're staying somewhere in Inskip.
I think we arrived sometime on Friday night, probably setting off straight after I got back from work. That's A****** in one of those porcelain baths with cast iron feet things.
so yeah . . . we drank wine, I played "chin-up challenge" (so that's what the beams are for), on my own as it turned out, we had dinner, woke A****** up with our noise and laughter, then moved to a different room, I photographed a spoon . . . erm, and stuff like that.

Sunday 14th May 2006

So I think they all went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, but I stayed in, getting some university work done.

Tuesday 23rd May 2006

Well, if you can read this, it must all be working now. First web-log entry from new house. Anyway, it's that time of the month when I have a university assignment due, so I'll have to update this properly once I have a bit more time.

Friday 26th May 2006

A few of M****'s pictures added for 4th May and other pictures from April.

Saturday 27th May 2006

Today Mouse and Simon did come over from Harrogate to see us and the house. We had lunch at the Mill Inn at, er, Glasson Dock and then went for a wander around Williamson's Park. Mouse, M**** and A****** went around the Butterfly House, whilst Simon and I kind of skulked around outside.

Sunday 28th May 2006

That's A****** eating some raisins his granny had bought him this morning. Today we moved a few more belongings between our various residences and did buy a new car seat for A******, as he's all but grown out of the old one. This one should do until he's about four years old.

Monday 29th May 2006

Okay then. Here's pictures of the mess that is our home. First up is the front room. This will be our dining room and where the baby grand lives. I don't have a wide angle lens/camera, so I've had to focus on the details.
This is the kitchen, obviously. This was originally tiled (and they probably were the original tiles as well), with the same kind of tiles cemented to the walls that are in the bathroom. So yeah . . . we had to get the walls re-plastered, but there was no point doing the bits that would be obscured by appliances, cupboards and stuff like that. That blue plastic pipe is currently how we get water in to the property.
This is the living/back room, or whatever you wanna call it. Record player, television and all stuff like will hang out in here. Out there is the garden, and you might just be able to make out a dry stone wall at the end of the garden - supposedly as old as the house.
erm . . . so this the bathroom, not that much bathing occurs there at the moment. Note the toilet paper dispenser and public lavatory style tiles. Nice. Looking out from the bathroom, is A******'s bedroom at the end of the hallway.
and then going from left to right here: view from the back bedroom window, front bedroom, front bedroom wallpaper detail, A******'s bedroom, attic, attic, attic.

Wednesday 31st May 2006

Work on the house moves along, moves along. The electrics is pretty much done now; we just need the 'room-stat' wiring in and the electric shower (which was a change of plan) likewise. Today the holes in the driveway were re-tarmac'ed (?!) and our plumber put in said shower . . . I think that was today. So once the 'room-stat' is fitted, the plumber should be able to turn the boiler on and that should be it - hot and cold running water, at last.