Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Sunday 1st January 2006

so . . . after recovering from celebrations the previous night (and early hours this morning), we got down to some serious DIY. Bits of wood were sawn up to replace the skirting board to the left and right of the fireplace, I removed all the excess sealant from around the bath, length of wood attached beneath the bathroom window sill/tiles, some more doors painted white . . . we could have carried on . . .

Friday 6th January 2006

Blimey, back in Leeds again. I've been staying at my parents' house in Lancaster since Monday afternoon, seeing as that's where my new job is based. There's yet more cosmetic alterations to perform to my house before it goes on the market, plus lots of stuff to ferry back to Lancaster . . . life-forms, such as A****** and Archie, as well as clothes and such-like. But yeah . . . it's all good.
Hmmm, that's odd. Seem to have been a lot of hits recently. Don't have the time or inclination to see if they're 'real' hits or not. Oh, anyway . . . I better go . . . A****** is getting upset about the light streaming in from the hallway and the incessant typing of the keyboard. Poor thing can't sleep with all those distractions. If you're reading this after 8th January, then I've obviously managed to sort out another ISP to host my forwarding page. If it's before then, then web-site will shortly (albeit temporarily) be going down.

Saturday 7th January 2006

Monday 16th January 2006

Well, this is all very odd. I'm updating my web-site here, knowing full well that no-one will be able to read this at time of writing and yet for those reading this now . . . well, I've obviously sorted out some kind of internet connection at last. It feels strange. Anyway . . . it seemed like there hadn't been any pictures recently, so here's some now . . . As that which is most likely to change (e.g. grow) physically fastest, here are some pictures of A****** (occasionally upside-down).

Thursday 19th January 2006

Oh, I remember what happened today. During my lunch break, me and M****** went to see a house on Canterbury Avenue (the Bowerham area of Lancaster). I don't know where to begin with describing this house. Nausea. Chintz (sp.?!) induced nausea. At the top of the stairs, in one of the hallways, there was a tiny cot, with some kind of small china doll in it. This particular china doll was of a tiny baby, but the skin was all grey/brown . . . as if the thing had been mummified. There were china dolls (although thankfully less macabre) positioned in each of the beds, surrounded by lovely, frilly, lacey curtain material. The antique bolier was wallpapered. Oh, and the back garden contained this enormous, raised fish pond (the fish themselves were each about two feet long), which I couldn't see as suitable for an A******. Considering the amount of work that we would need to do this place, and the cost that would entail, it was also ridiculously overpriced (which probably explained why it had been on the market for almost a year . . . well, that would probably explain the reason most houses in Lancaster had been on the market for so long). I would consider this house as my second choice, if we could get the price down to something sensible. Anyway . . .

Saturday 21st January 2006

Today we saw a house in Over Kellet, set in this freaky circle of houses (previously council houses, but now nearly all privately owned). The house (built some time in the 1950s) and garden (huge) were fine, in fact I loved the whole thing; there was even some freaky toilet/utility room thing going on attached to the side of the property. M****** was not so pleased. I think M******'s problem was the location. Too far out, too removed from everything. Too ex-council estate, perhaps as well. But more importantly: can you get broadband there? Somehow I doubt it. The picture of A****** was taken at 12:36 that morning, the sunlight streaming in through the front room window of M******'s mum's front room.

Thursday 26th January 2006

Wah-hey! Firewall finally sorted out. Previously this had all been handled by my main PC . . . it had been doing port forwarding, DHCP, NAT, firewall stuff and everything. Now I've had to get one of those freaky all-in-one ADSL modem things and it insists on trying to do everything itself, which I'm not too happy with. But if you're reading this, I've at least managed to sort out port 80. Hmmmmm. Anyway. Better do the washing up. My exciting life, eh?
Who-hoo! More cause for celebration. My first hit from the outside world for several weeks. Come in, number, your time is up.

Saturday 28th January 2006

So, on Friday night, we had to go back over to Leeds; the whole family - me, M******, A****** and Archie. Friday night I went out for a few drinks with Lisa, and then today . . . Shortly after waking up, M****** was like, "So, are you going to be lovely and get me and A****** some breakfast? A****** would love some kind of smoothie, but not with honey in, as he can't do honey yet." I went to Fat Chops and got me and M****** a sandwich each and A****** a banana/mango/lime/yogurt smoothie, or something like that. Later on, when M****** was upstairs and A****** and I were in the lounge, I tried giving A****** a bit more of the smoothie, and he seemed to be enjoying it. M****** shouted me, so I went upstairs, leaving A****** in the middle of the rug snd the smoothie, in its carton, a metre and half away from him. I was barely a minute upstairs, but when I got back down to the lounge, A****** had rolled over to the smoothie, and was now covered in it, but also lying in a smoothie-based puddle. On our lovely rug. In his hands, he had hold of the plastic lid from the carton and was now licking it clean. I took the lid from A****** (he wasn't happy about that) and gave A****** to M****** whilst I cleaned the rug. Of course, I wasn't angry with him . . . kind of impressed, really. Anyway . . . Back to the house . . . there wasn't really much to do (in terms of painting/decorating/whatever), but I finally got round to removing all that glue from the ground floor windows. Glue? Well, there used to be these horrible criss-cross (diamond-shaped) lines of lead glued onto the window. I've no idea why. This was something the previous owners must have done. Anyway, I removed the lead itself a couple of years back, probably quite soon after I moved in. But the glue . . . well, I needed a ladder for that, but just never got round to it. With the . . . with the. Damn it. I began that sentence a while ago now. I've just been on the phone. Something about windows. Yeah. So . . . the windows on the ground floor of my house (and basement level as well) are all sparkling clean now.

Sunday 29th January 2006

Today . . . not much happened. We did pop to Homebase (and it was at the exact moment that we were entering Homebase that Liz rang: the new electric oven had arrived), pick up a few plants (I wrote planets the first time round there . . . picked up a few planets) . . . something to decorate the steps leading up to the front door. La di da.