Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Thursday 1st January 2015

The early (first) hours of 2015

Friday 2nd January 2015

Coastal walk around Silverdale
I don't think a great deal happened on New Year's Day. We said goodbye to Mouse and Simon and then probably did a bit of tidying up . . . probably went for a walk somewhere at some point, possibly had to do some food shopping. Today we ventured further afield and 'blew away the cobwebs' as M****** calls it. Found a tree decorated with Christmas Tree decorations, which was sweet. So yeah . . .

Saturday 3rd January 2015

Here we are, back at Nicky Nook
P1020695.JPGP1020699.JPGP1020700.JPGA few things going on in these pictures. This is another of favourites walks around Nicky Nook and the reservoirs up there. Trouble is, as is often the case, parts of the walk can get rather muddy; a couple of pictures to illustrate that. Also, whilst A****** and I were trailing behind we spotted this robin who was well up for getting a close-up picture taken, hence those pictures there. I was using the telephoto lens here, but was still barely a few feet away. In those last two pictures (again, bird-related), M****** spotted this unusual looking bird resting amongst the roots of a tree. I forget exactly what (I think red-legged partridge) but it turns out to be quite a rare sight in this part of the country. So there you go.

Saturday 10th January 2015

My own storage unit
IMG_20150110_142031.jpgIMG_20150110_141954.jpgAs part of a vague plan to move house, we've hired this storage unit thing to dump a few things temporarily. Here's R****** posing to give some sense of scale to the proceedings.

Monday 12th January 2015

Insert title here

Wednesday 14th January 2015

P1020718.JPGP1020717.JPGP1020716.JPGP1020714.JPGThis is a kind of leftover from Christmas . . . the multi-coloured LED light things. But, hey, why can't we have 'em all year round?! So yeah . . . this is a little bit of my study. Crystals, a picture of M****** and I, various computer bits. Oh and the snow! It snowed overnight! Woo hoo!

Saturday 17th January 2015

Back to the storage unit, shelves installed

Sunday 18th January 2015

So where on earth is this comet thing?
P1020727.JPGP1020723.JPGDunno why I bother sometimes, but maybe somewhere in these pictures there are some blurry pixels that might be in roughly the same place as where that comet was meant to be. I forget it's name now . . . Lovejoy or something? Anyway, I was trying to find the damn thing and knew where to look but all I could make out was some vaguely bluey, greeny, hazy thing. Whatever.

Sunday 25th January 2015

Because of the copper present in hemocyanin, their blood is blue

Thursday 29th January 2015

The funeral of Nanna-on-the-hill
P1020731.JPGP1020735.JPGIMG_20150129_191149.jpg Obviously we don't have many pictures from today, but the funeral was up in Ambleside where a little bit of snow failed to make much of an impact. M****** stayed over in Ambleside with her family whilst me and the boys went back home. This is A****** and R****** not long after getting home tonight.

Saturday 31st January 2015