Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Friday 10th May 2024 23:18:35
Northern Lights, part one
By way of explanation for the pictures taken today and in the early hours of Saturday. We got a message from A****** at 23:14 with an intriguing picture of some aurora borealis type effect in the skies over Liverpool. I initially suspected another wind-up, but as the Horton's left our house a bit later, we noticed 'something' in the skies. Sat out in the back garden, something was definitely going on, and many pictures ensued. At first, I was hurrying to get my camera set up, and so the focus (and various other settings) wasn't set correctly. Eventually I managed to get the camera configured correctly, and pointed the camera at various parts of the sky with a 10 - 15 second exposure. Definitely one of those rare events where the phenomena was strong enough to reach us in this part of the country AND there were no clouds. Incredible.

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