Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Tuesday 13th Feb 2024 22:51:27
Combloux, day 3
IMG-20240213-WA0015.jpgSo this is much later . . . 23:39?! . . . Mark, Anthony and I decided to go to the nearby bar, Le Postillon, for a drink . . . or two. Some dude decided to start talking to us, in pretty good English . . . I think he was a minibus driver . . . he was mainly talking to Mark and he had a dog, as can be seen. Also I seem to recall Anthony went to the bar and some other dude started talking to him, and so he was stuck there for some considerable time. So anyway, those who know me well know about my opinions on dogs and know that I have a natural weariness of them, so what is going on here? I mean, maybe the beer had something to do with it, but this dog seemed to have a very friendly, laid-back kind of disposition about it, so it was fine. All in all, it was a good evening.

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