Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Friday 1st Apr 2022 22:04:30
IMG_6266.JPGIMG_6269.JPGSo that bit of weathered wood that Pepe is sitting on . . . that was bought during the first lock-down, thinking we could do a bit of gardening, with a raised bed thing. It never happened. Instead, it sat in a corner of the garden, a convenient place for slugs, beetles and weeds to gather. So yeah . . . I'm not sure when . . . during April?! . . . but I cleaned it all up, removed all the bugs and dirt, put it out to dry in the sun and then applied many, many coats of exterior paint, in a kind of dark green colour to fit in with other items of garden furniture. It's now been moved to the patio, filled in with a load of pebbles, and potted plants and a water feature on top. A whole lot easier to manage than some kind of . . . raised bed.

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