Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Monday 30th Aug 2021 07:50:15
Seahouses, day 3
I've got a feeling we popped in to here on the way back. We're back at Alnwick again, but this time just the gardens (recommended by a friend). This was more our kind of thing, and a good way of spending a few hours. Possibly after 2 - 3 hours, you're kind of done. We saw the fountains going off on the hour (and half hour), wandered around the gardens, which where all very well maintained. We found some kind of cherry orchard thingy, where there were wooden swing chairs between each tree (pictured); would have looked amazing with the blossom out some time in spring. A sign proclaimed this orchard to be the largest 'of its kind' in the world; we wondered if that meant the largest gathering of cherry trees and swing benches, but after a bit of lazy Googling, I think this just refers to the number of Taihaku cherry blossom trees - 329.

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