Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Sunday 4th Aug 2019 17:54:33
Anglesey, Day 2
I think this was an ambition of M******, to get to the top of Snowdon. We had previously booked train tickets for this thing, and it was one crazy train journey, sometimes with these precarious sheer drops to one (or both) sides of the train. The cloud only appeared as we got nearer the top, perhaps the last twenty minutes or so. Anyway, the weather was a bit, erm . . . moody at the top, but it was fine. The visitor certain was just wrong, in so many ways, so we didn't spend long there. There was also a queue to get to the very last few metres of the 1085m summit and we were like, "yeah, we're fine." So we headed back down on the two-hour-ish walk, or perhaps two and a half hours . . . not sure.

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