Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Saturday 3rd Aug 2013 22:52:46
P8036355.JPGP8036356.JPGP8036357.JPGP8036359.JPGP8036361.JPG Yeah. So . . . Liz and Anthony were over in Halton and so we invited them over to ours for dinner, along with Max and Charlotte, of course. This is odd, I've just realised: I only have five pictures here and the children featured in these pictures are Max and Charlotte; no sign of A****** and R******. Oh, and we had also invited Mouse and Simon over for the weekend, so I think that's all of the people accounted for in these pictures. In those last two pictures I was trying to explain the frustrations of missing crayons and how the crayons remaining ought to be put back in some kind of order. Richard of York gave battle in vain, and all that. Maybe some of it went in. Who can say? Perhaps instead Charlotte was thinking, "They're crayons. Get over it."

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