Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Monday 2nd August 2021

Bath #1

Thursday 5th August 2021

Bath #2

Sunday 8th August 2021

Windermere Boat Museum

Saturday 14th August 2021

Yeah, I know - not great pictures. There were some others, but they were even worse, so ended up in the proverbial bin. I left these two just so I have the reminder of where we were today. Leighton Hall.

Sunday 15th August 2021

Somewhere in the Lakes . . .

Saturday 21st August 2021

Morecambe promenade

Saturday 28th August 2021

Seahouses, day 1
Bank Holiday weekend booked over at a seldom visited part of the world, Northumberland. Specifically, Seahouses. Arrived on Friday night and the plan had been to have a fairly lazy day today, but the weather was pretty good, so wandered around Seahouses itself (didn't take long) and then, towards the end of the afternoon, had a quick look at nearby Bamburgh. Back at the holiday house, found myself ship spotting, as we were close to a shipping lane and there's an app (of course there is!) that will gladly identify ships and tell you all about their route, their tonnage, their registered country and reams and reams of information that probably isn't of great use.

Sunday 29th August 2021

Seahouses, day 2
Most of today was spent at Alnwick Castle, which seemed to have angled itself towards children of a certain age who were mad about anything to do with the Harry Potter franchise. Still, there was a fun demonstration of both muskets and cannons, which thankfully had nothing to do with HP.

Monday 30th August 2021

Seahouses, day 3
I've got a feeling we popped in to here on the way back. We're back at Alnwick again, but this time just the gardens (recommended by a friend). This was more our kind of thing, and a good way of spending a few hours. Possibly after 2 - 3 hours, you're kind of done. We saw the fountains going off on the hour (and half hour), wandered around the gardens, which where all very well maintained. We found some kind of cherry orchard thingy, where there were wooden swing chairs between each tree (pictured); would have looked amazing with the blossom out some time in spring. A sign proclaimed this orchard to be the largest 'of its kind' in the world; we wondered if that meant the largest gathering of cherry trees and swing benches, but after a bit of lazy Googling, I think this just refers to the number of Taihaku cherry blossom trees - 329.