Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Sunday 29th June 2003

Yes, I don't think I've been getting much sunlight recently.

The reason for this? Well, there's some university work due in at 11pm Tuesday and when I have deadlines, I find myself doing the strangest of things to avoid doing the work. I've managed to remove all the banisters in my house (I don't know why, they were just bugging me) and, as you can see (assuming you've been here before), I've also completely revamped my web-site.

And, naturally, there's still a long way to go yet, but a huge chunk of the scripting is done.

When I close my eyes I see Perl script . . .

Proper entries in my web-log (or 'blog' to use the loathsome modern vernacular) don't really exist. I'm just writing this stuff now to make it seem like I can be bothered.

Right, time to get some work done . . .