Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Monday 1st May 2023

First of several Bank Holiday Mondays
So here's the three of us (A****** revising), having walked from Wray Castle up to Latterbarrow and then back round again, via a circular route. The weather was amazing, although when the sun ducked behind a cloud, you were suddenly reminded that this is still the Lake District; the cold and / or rain is never far away. Yeah, but it was all good. In a couple of these pictures I finally embraced the fact that I can take pictures remotely with this camera, using my phone - very handy, and seldom used. Probably need a tripod though, which ends up taking away some of the spontaneity, but hey . . . Hmmmm, right.

Sunday 7th May 2023

Nicky Nook

Sunday 14th May 2023

erm . . . looks like Grizedale to me

Saturday 20th May 2023


Friday 26th May 2023

Changes in progress
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Sunday 28th May 2023

A slightly aborted walk in the Lakes
I think we were somewhere near Elterwater; at least, that's where we parked. The walk was indeed aborted about halfway, as M**** tripped over . . . something . . . and got a bit muddy (yes, I know, the ground was exceptionally dry; just go with it) and then R******, in his infinite wisdom, went to help out by fetching some water to help wash the mud away. Trouble is, he didn't really think about his own safety in clambering down a steep, uneven, muddy, overgrown and generally very difficult (even perhaps dangerous) bank down to the stream. Somehow, he managed to cut his knee on something but was otherwise unscathed, although didn't actually manage to reach the stream itself. I managed to find a safer path down to the stream and returned with some stream water. On inspection, the cut to R******'s knee was deep enough to require stitches (or sutures, as they apparently call them), so A****** and I had to hurry back to Elterwater (about a twenty walk, perhaps, if that) and drive back to pick up R****** and M****. Then there's another long story about the NHS, accident and emergency, waiting rooms, four and half hours waiting . . . for nothing. The conclusion being glue applied the next day to the cut, over in Morecambe, and all sorted.