Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Wednesday 6th October 2021

Argh! The COVID!!!
I was thinking . . . these days I rarely just write stuff here purely for the sake of it. At best, there'll be some pictures dumped, and maybe some commentary explaining those pictures but not a commentary without pictures. So let's change that then. Big news recently was a positive confirmation of Covid-19 affecting A******. He had started feeling off on Wednesday 15th September. He felt worse the following day and so took the day off school. Lateral flow results were negative but I think, nonetheless, we went for the proper PCR test on Thursday night. At least I think it was Thursday - that would make sense. Possibly a positive result takes longer to confirm then a negative result, so maybe the time it took to get the result back should have been a sign - about 24 hours. Around Friday tea time we received confirmation of A******'s positive result, and so the 10 day isolation began (retrospectively, as the symptoms began the previous day). Fortunately the symptoms were fairly mild, but I think it was the sort throat and headaches that bothered A****** the most, sometimes feeling like having swallowed razor blades, one would imagine. Anyway . . . he got better, with just one or two minor symptoms remaining, that we're keeping our eye on.