Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Friday 17th September 2010

What kind of habaƱero?
img_5879.jpgimg_5877.jpgimg_5874.jpg Yeah, yeah. I know what you're all thinking - "So how the hell are those chilli peppers doing? We ain't heard much about 'em recently." Well, the chilli peppers got moved to the shed (did I ever mention the shed?) but . . . well, I'm not sure if they really took to it ("Christ, it gets so cold in evening"). I've got growing: paper lantern habañeros, demon red, numex twilight, Hungarian hot wax, purple tiger and another type of habañero (possibly 'orange habañero'). In the first photograph, I think the paper lantern habañeros are to the left, the demon reds in the foreground, to the right, and the hungarian hot wax in the background, to the right. The demon reds are just weird and, despite serious neglect, remain alive and well, producing pathetic little red chillis (about 1" long, if that) . . . purple tiger are fine, but have only produced about half a dozen chillis, if that (and they're all tiny little things). Hungarian hot wax produced a huge, lovely chilli pepper (about 3" long) and another (about 2", visible in the first picture) that I'm waiting to wipen. Numex twilight . . . do I have one of those? But the habañeros have produced a little bit of fruit, but not much. Probably about eight habañeros. I picked one of them tonight. Put it on my Pizza Express pizza. Wasn't very spicy. Hmmmm. What is going wrong? Should I just stick to boring old jalapeños (which seem to grow and fruit fantastically) or invest in some kind of greenhouse like thing? Does anyone care? Why don't I just buy my chillis from a shop/supermarket like most people? Was that knife sharpened by a left-handed freak? What's going on with the words 'chili', 'chilli', 'chile' and all the other variations? Can you drive through a rainbow? Can someone fix my watch? Where have all the plumbers gone? Can I have a refund?

Saturday 18th September 2010

A walk begun somewhere around Brockholes (?!)
img_5880.jpgimg_5883.jpgimg_5886.jpgimg_5888.jpg Now, you see, here's the problem with dumping these photos several weeks after the events photographed - I can't remember much. I think we went to Brockholes or Brockhole or something; it's near Windermere anywhere. M**** had spotted a public footpath sign on the other side of the main road leading into this place, so I asked at the shop there and they sold me a 20p printed guide to said walk. It was good - we barely met a single soul for the next hour or so. Well, until we reached the track shown in the three photographs there; that seemed to be some kind of walkers main road. Then, on the way back, some kind of running event had been set up passing along the very route that we were taking but going the other way. But yeah . . . it was all good. The weather was favouring us anyway; the rain only starting when we reached the car. Have I just used too many semi-colons? Is that red liquid in rare steak not blood then?

Sunday 19th September 2010

img_5890.jpgimg_5889.jpg That's odd - I ain't got many pictures of Archie. A******, knowing Archie's propensity for porridge, generously offered Archie his leftover bits of porridge. So there you go.