Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Sunday 1st September 2013

Where are we?! Grizedale?

Saturday 7th September 2013

Wood burner in!
P9076914.JPGP9076922.JPGP9076925.JPGGosh, well . . . I really don't know how this happened, but one moment there's a wood burner just kind of hanging around on the front room floor, next minute it's on the hearth, all 'plumbed' in to the various pipes and stuff. I have no idea how this happened. Complete memory blank. I do recall we had a rather large stove pipe, so someone would have had to cut that down to size before sticking onto the wood-burner. They would have needed a decent angle-grinder for that. Also, I seem to recall the chimney liner was also way too long. Likewise, that would have needed trimming down to size. I would imagine a closure plate would have been needed . . . 1.5mm (although 2mm would be better) thickness galvanised steel, perhaps spray painted in the same black stove paint that I recently used to 'freshen' up the wood-burner. And I'm pretty sure that all those pipes and the burner itself would have needed connecting using some black fire cement. Whoever installed the stove seems to have done okay, maintaining the 10cm minimum clearance from the back wall. Later that day, I got burning me some logs and the house didn't fill up with smoke; it all went out the chimney. I'm just baffled by how it all happened.

Sunday 8th September 2013

Nicky Nook and a Geocache thing

Monday 9th September 2013

Pig noises

Saturday 14th September 2013

Charlie's Cat

Sunday 15th September 2013

Another geocache, somewhere near the University of Cumbria
20130915_170716.jpg20130915_170906.jpgYeah . . . so this one had suffered a bit of water damage, so the log was a bit messed up. We couldn't add an entry to the paper version, so did it electronically instead.

Sunday 22nd September 2013

Warton Crag and another Geocache
P9226977.JPGP9226979.JPG Yeah . . . so we found this massive geocache up somewhere around Warton Crag. To say exactly where would give the game away. Once again, we didn't have anything with us to any kind of fair swapping, so we left the contents as-is, signing the obligatory log book.

Sunday 29th September 2013

Fairy Steps
Well, it seemed like we hadn't been here for a while. Maybe it wasn't that long ago. I don't know. One could easily go back through the blog and work out we were last here. That last photo . . . P9297002.JPGP9296998.JPGP9296996.JPG there's meant to be a spider in the middle of there; I can't see it though. And look: a day out in the countryside and no Geocaches! What is going on? We did actually come within a couple of metres of one but time was against us. Time or M****, one of the two.