Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Saturday 18th September 2010

A walk begun somewhere around Brockholes (?!)
img_5880.jpgimg_5883.jpgimg_5886.jpgimg_5888.jpg Now, you see, here's the problem with dumping these photos several weeks after the events photographed - I can't remember much. I think we went to Brockholes or Brockhole or something; it's near Windermere anywhere. M**** had spotted a public footpath sign on the other side of the main road leading into this place, so I asked at the shop there and they sold me a 20p printed guide to said walk. It was good - we barely met a single soul for the next hour or so. Well, until we reached the track shown in the three photographs there; that seemed to be some kind of walkers main road. Then, on the way back, some kind of running event had been set up passing along the very route that we were taking but going the other way. But yeah . . . it was all good. The weather was favouring us anyway; the rain only starting when we reached the car. Have I just used too many semi-colons? Is that red liquid in rare steak not blood then?