Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Friday 9th August 2013

Forestside Farm, Day 1
P8096421.JPGP8096422.JPGP8096427.JPGP8096428.JPGP8096429.JPGP8096431.JPG So . . . I'm not sure what time we arrived . . . kind of 3pm-ish?! We arrived from the North, AJEO (see what I did there?) arrived from the South and we arrived about 1 or 2 minutes after the AJEO posse. My ever unpredictable sat-nav (i.e. smartphone), barely south of Preston, suddenly announced, "Christ on a bike! I've found a faster route! Do you want it? Yes? No?" so I hit on the 'Yes, thanks' button and then we were re-routed via the Manchester ring road or something . . . kind of. It basically meant we by-passed all the really bad M6 traffic. When we re-joined the M6, it was still busy but the traffic was moving. So it was all good. Whilst putting the tents up, R****** borrowed Eve's bike and proudly announced, "Mum, dad, I can cycle down the field on my own," P8096432.JPG and of course we were like, "Yes, that's nice, R******. Can you not play near the tent, please, we're just trying to get these things put up, so that we got somewhere to sleep tonight." So those are the pictures of R****** cycling, unaided, on Eve's bike. We did actually pause the tent erecting to praise R****** and his cycling, this being his first proper unaided (and successful) cycling attempt. So yeah . . . we got the tents up, had dinner, and eventually put the boys to bed . . . I say put them to bed, what I actually mean is this: we got the boys ready for bed, then had them lie down in their beds, said good-night and zipped the tent door shut. Lord only knows how long they stayed awake for, messing about with their torches. But hey . . . it's a holiday. Who cares? Annie and Ed arrived quite late, having got caught up in previously-mentioned M6 traffic. I dunno why there's still a picture of a cow here. 500770, as we affectionately named her, showed a keen interest in our comings and goings and didn't even seem that bothered about what we were cooking over the barbecue the following day . . .