Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Saturday 31st August 2013

Lowther Castle
Lowther Castle, eh? We loved this place. I wish I had the time to furnish this 'entry' (?!) with praise and superlatives for Lowther Castle, but sadly my time is lacking. There was this amazing sense of . . . raw-ness about the whole place. Is raw-ness a word? Anyway, it was very much a work in progress, very unpolished, with a kind of20130831_153759.jpg . . . 'just have a wander around' mentality about it, which was so refreshing in this word of National Trust and English Heritage and quizzes-for-children and the obligatory gift shop (carefully placed at the end of the 'tour') and the audio guided tour . . . so there was none of that here (thank the lord), but a fantastic café and loads of grounds to roam around in. Fantastic place. Love it. On the way back, we popped into Shap Abbey. I'm not sure why. I think I was trying to remember the many occasions that I would have visited here as a child, but it all seemed unfamiliar. Ah well.