Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Thursday 4th July 2013

Glycerol may also be produced by various routes from propylene
P7046150.JPGP7046152.JPGP7046153.JPG Blimey, I'm a bit rubbish at updating this. Hello? So what's been happening? Nothing significant, that I can think of. I've been rewriting my blog in some kind of object-oriented PHP version. It ain't quite done yet. Also, we've been slowly (but surely) decorating the front room. I dunno.

Saturday 6th July 2013

If a job's worth doing . . .
P7066163.JPGP7066162.JPGP7066160.JPGP7066159.JPGP7066158.JPGP7066157.JPGP7066156.JPG . . . then it's probably best to do it yourself. Getting all these parts together completely flummoxed our builder but then his skill set was primarily based around building / construction, so that's hardly surprising. Although that said . . . it's not really difficult. All you need is some fire cement, possibly some fire rope (although I don't think so), an angle grinder and a little bit of common sense. How difficult can it be? Hey, it's only fire we're playing around with here, after all.

Sunday 7th July 2013

M√ľntzer, while renewing theology, kept many of its old doctrines
P7066165.JPGP7066169.JPGP7066173.JPGP7066174.JPGP7066175.JPGP7066176.JPG Yep, okay. There's a few things going on here. That's weird, isn't it? Almost like you've been handed a set of pictures and been expected to write the back-story behind them. Yeah. Which would be the case, had I not also taken said pictures. Hmmmm. So there was a lot of lounging around in the back garden, which seems fair enough today, given the weather and stuff. And, erm . . . where was I? Oh yeah . . . and we can never decide what colour to paint the walls in the front room. We've done a load of wallpapering, but now what? Craziness. Seems a bit weird, going to B&Q and having to ask someone to mix up a sample pot of Twisted Bamboo number 4. How did it come to this?

20130707_160801.jpgIsn't that my hat? This looks like the garden of Nanna-Grandpa-with-the-two-cats (as the boys call them; they would probably still call them that if they had sixteen cats).

Saturday 13th July 2013

A******'s Birthday Party

Sunday 14th July 2013

Cousins, nephews, nieces, siblings, etc.

Tuesday 16th July 2013

Bubble Craziness
P7166178.JPGP7166179.JPGP7166180.JPGP7166181.JPGP7166182.JPG I was away when these pictures were taken, at a work-related conference down in Wales somewhere, but that's another story. The boys obviously don't know what to do with themselves, their beloved father being away and all; they probably just moped (what's the difference between the past participle of 'to mope' and one of those flimsy, under-powered motorbike-like things - mo-ped?) around, lost and confused, not knowing what to do . . . constantly asking M****, "When's daddy back? I miss him."

Wednesday 17th July 2013

A******'s Eighthththt Birthday!
P7176188.JPGP7176187.JPGP7176186.JPGP7176185.JPGP7176184.JPGP7176183.JPG Now here's a first: it's A******'s birthday and I'm not present! ARGH! How did it come to this?! Well, I don't feel too bad as these celebrations tend to stretch to the nearest weekend, which was the case this year, with the weekend before. Anyway . . . yeah . . . so I'm away in Wales, although I met up with M**** and the boys when my train got back that evening (and wished A****** happy birthday this morning). This is still a school day, so A****** had to do quick bit of present unwrapping before heading off to school this morning.

Sunday 21st July 2013

Charlotte's Christening
I don't seem to have any pictures for yesterday, but then I guess we would have spent most of it on the road, so that's fair enough. Yeah, so . . . we're over in Wattisham here, celebrating the christening of Charlotte. There's quite a few photos . . . M**** took some, I took some . . . and I've just kind of dumped them as is. Note how M**** was on the bouncy castle before me. M**** started it! I later learned that there was a maximum age limit of 11 years to use the bouncy castle. Oooops. Anyway, it was a fantastic day . . . another scorchingly hot one, but we were inside for most of it, so it was all good. With Peter there (Peter of 'Nanna-Grandpa on-the-hill' fame), we had four generations, plus all the many aunties, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc.

Monday 22nd July 2013

Shotley Gate
So here we are at Shotley Gate. I'm guessing we got here not much after midday. After lunch at the, er, The Shipwreck, we wandered towards the marina and a bit beyond. But then the heat wasn't really conducive to spending long periods of time wandering about like that, and I think Pop and Cathie had to head back homewards, so . . . yeah. It was an odd place. In the distance, you could make out the many cranes and ships of Felixstowe and there was a constant hum of activity as ships were loaded, unloaded and lorries shifted shipping containers to and from the dock. And here we were just ambling along this grassy path alongside a marina full of rather expensive looking yachts . . . it seemed a world away from the activity across the water.

Tuesday 23rd July 2013

Hollow Trees Farm

Wednesday 24th July 2013

Dedham and Ipswich
P7246330.JPGP7246329.JPGP7246326.JPGP7246325.JPGM**** said that I hadn't taken any pictures in Dedham. WRONG! The first picture here is R****** sitting on an odd bit of polished wood, outside The Boathouse at Dedham. R****** and I had popped to the toilets. M****, Liz et al were round somewhere else, as the restaurant was not yet open, this being before midday. Anyway, it was all in vain as we simply didn't have a reservation, don't you know, and our money was no good there. Our company and money was more than welcome at The Essex Rose though, where we all had a fantastic lunch. Afterwards, Max wasn't feeling too good . . . possibly the heat was getting to him, so I think we all headed our separate ways. Today was another of those scorchingly hot days. Later on, we found ourselves at Pizza Express in Ipswich, following a rather odd choice of parking (yeah, thanks Google Maps), that meant we had to cross several very busy main roads skirting around the edge of Ipswich, in order to reach our destination. But it was all fine in the end. We knew from experience that the boys (and we) were good with Pizza Express pizzas.

Thursday 25th July 2013

So yeah . . . today we made a small money error. We drove all the way to Rendlesham, through villages, past service stations, supermarkets . . . blah, blah, blah. Actually, it wasn't far . . . perhaps 40 minutes. So yeah . . . we got there and realised we hardly had any cash about us. Parking for the day was £3.30. We managed to scrimp and scrape (?!) change from around the car and make up about that much but a lot of it in copper-based coinage . . . 1p's and 2p's. Ticket machine didn't like those coins. Don't blame it. I noted a sign on the ticket machine, "Don't expect the bike hire shop to provide change for parking tickets," so headed to the bike hire shop, my hand full of change. I did my happiest, cheeriest face, all full of sorry this and sorry that and I-don't-suppose and if-it's-not-too-much-trouble . . . all of that . . . but the guy (an angry man in his late teens, early twenties) was like, "Erm . . . you'll best be going to the Forest Commission booth up there by the entrance," so I was like, "Okey dokey. Thank you very much." The lady at the entrance booth was lovely, providing change and full of sympathy. I went back to get a map of walks and she was like, "So that'll be £1 then," with a sly smile on her face (completely missed by me) and after she had explained the walks, I handed the guide back and was like, "Well, I think I got those. That's brilliant. Thank you very much," and she was like, "No, no, no, no, no. I was only joking. It's free! Blimey. I should play cards with you one day, see how we do, you know?" and, erm, this sounded like a bad idea, if money was involved - "Erm, I dunno. That might be a bad idea." - but at least she had a sense of humour. So . . . we did the UFO trail, so-called because . . . well, who the hell knows? Someone once saw something in the sky and couldn't identify it? Dunno. The boys seemed happy enough with it all. A****** / R****** took a few pictures of the back of some of the way-markers, although without the obligatory £1.50 UFO quiz-pack none it made any sense. Alpha this, sigma that . . . and is that a tilde? M**** took some pictures of the holiday house . . . sorry for the leap there . . . and the surrounding grounds.