Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Sunday 2nd June 2013

Leven's Hall
Hello? So here we are on a walk around Leven's Park (apostrophe?!) with Helen and Stu. Magpie R****** managed to find a bullet casing lying on the ground when we were near the end of our walk. As he approached, I heard him muttering something like, "At last! At last! I've found something!" and he had! It looks like a brass bullet casing measuring about 5mm in diameter . . . a tiny little thing.

Thursday 6th June 2013

A tiny bullet casing
P6065870.JPG This is what R****** found in the grass at Leven's park the other day. Of course, it's had several applications of Brasso since then. Naturally.

Friday 7th June 2013

Must replace that transformer one day . . .

Saturday 8th June 2013

R******'s Fifth Birthday
So . . . there was much present unwrapping in the morning, followed by a trip out to Conder Green, with A****** and R******'s (new!) scooter in the boot of the car. We had a quick scoot/walk to Glazzon itself and then back to Conder Green and then a quick walk to The Stork. The Stork had this kind of new (to us) area set back from the pub itself, but kind of above, if you will . . . containing picnic benches, various play areas and this barbecue area. So yeah . . . we ordered our food and all was good. After a long lunch, we had a quick visit to the nearby garden centre (Ashton Road?!) and then hung out back at home for a bit, allowing R****** to play with his presents. R******'s party proper took place at Holly Farm, with an official start time of 17:00, so we were there at about 16:45. An hour and a half of birthday party madness at Holly Farm followed by various present exchanges. See above photos. Then back at home . . . more unwrapping of presents and a very late bed time. Ah well.

Sunday 9th June 2013

R******'s Fifth Birthday, part 2

Saturday 15th June 2013

What on earth is this? Quail?!
20130615_194724.jpgI'm guessing it was Film Club in the evening, which would explain this foul looking thing that Annie and/or Ed were served. Some kind of deep-fried crispy batter . . . thing.

Sunday 16th June 2013

Father's Day / Wedding Anniversary
P6166103.JPGP6166104.JPG 'Twas a fairly lazy today. A****** and R****** stayed over at their cousin Henry's house last night and were dropped off early this morning. My father's day gifts were these fantastic mugs that each of the boys had designed themselves. Note to self: post a photograph of the mugs. The mugs contained either mini Dime bars or mini chilli baked rice cake snack things.20130616_161638.jpg You know what I mean . . . anyway. We went for a walk around Leighton Hall in the afternoon and then had coffee / cake at Beetham Nursery. We got back around dinner time. Partridge has disappeared, not too surprisingly.

Saturday 22nd June 2013

A brief walk in / around Beetham or Yealand or somewhere
P6226109.JPGP6226117.JPG Today M**** was off to Manchester for a night out with the lay-deeze. I believe the event was Kim's 30th birthday, but I couldn't possibly vouch for that. So . . . A******, R****** and I had the house and the day to ourselves. During the morning, after waving M**** goodbye, there was a small amount of tidying and putting away of clothes to be done. After lunch, we went for a walk around the Yealands . . . the Fairy Steps, to be precise. A****** did a quiz. One of the questions was, "How many steps are the fairy steps?" P6226120.JPGP6226119.JPG R****** counted them: 19. A****** counted them: 18. At the bottom of the Fairy Steps we were deliberating how to reconcile this difference when a kind of middle-aged couple went by and so we said hello. "So why don't we just take the average. A******, call it 18 and a half," I said. A****** jotted down the figure in the appropriate box on the quiz answer sheet. Later on, we met this couple again and she was like, "So, you going back for a re-count then?" and I was thinking, "I only barely heard what you just said and I've no idea what you're on about . . . and who the hell are you?! . . . but better say something . . . " so I was like, "Yep! We're all here! I think . . . P6226125.JPG Yep! We're all good. All accounted for. THANKS!" A couple of seconds later I twigged. "Ah! Yes! We were gonna round up. We're gonna call it 19 steps!" Man then said something, but I couldn't tell what on earth he was saying either, so I was like, "Yeah! HA HA HA HA!" and laughed. "Come on boys, lets go. Bunch of freakin' weirdos around here"

Sunday 23rd June 2013

Where the internet does not reach . . .
P6236140.JPGP6236135.JPGOf course, there are many places where the Google search returns zero results. That's nothing new. Here's a knife that my grandfather had that I'm having trouble getting any useful information regarding. William Rodgers. "I cut my way". Made in Sheffield, England. None of these searches yield anything meaningful.
20130623_171537.jpgThe picture to the left was found on my phone. I got a lot of pictures on my phone that just kind of ended up on the phone and nowhere else. I'm trying to remedy that.

The Three Brothers or something
P6236145.JPGP6236147.JPGP6236148.JPG So here we are out for a walk somewhere like Silverdale, Warton, The Yealands or . . . somewhere like that. I think it was more a kind of Warton area actually. If you're wondering why R******'s a little speck in a field in one of these pictures it's because he was having a sulk about something . . . something probably very minor and petty in retrospect, but no doubt it seemed major to R****** at the time. P6236149.JPG Ah yes! I remember! M**** pointed out that R****** was wearing a pyjama top underneath his ordinary long-sleeved top. Bad mistake. From that point on, R****** wanted the pyjama top removed, cast to a fiery pit of hell. We were like, "Look, seriously, just leave the pyjama top on. It doesn't matter. No one can see the pyjama top anyway as it's underneath the long-sleeved top." But, hey, we were foolishly trying to use and apply logic and common sense. Bad mistake. Eventually the top was removed.

Saturday 29th June 2013

St. Bernadette's Summer Fair