Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Saturday 2nd March 2013

Probably somewhere in or around Warton or Silverdale

M**** with straight hair. ARGH!

Sunday 10th March 2013

. . . can't think of a title for this one yet

Sunday 17th March 2013

Lakes Aquarium again
P3175033.JPGP3175028.JPGP3175027.JPGP3175024.JPGP3175023.JPGP3175022.JPGP3175020.JPG [left blank intentionally]
P3175047.JPGP3175046.JPGP3175043.JPGP3175038.JPG Mind you, if I was to use the word 'again' every time we returned to somewhere we've been before, I would be using 'again' quite a lot. So yeah . . . here we are at Lakes Aquarium. It's not bad here, I suppose. We had to establish a few rules, the most important being - "We're not getting ANYTHING from the gift shop." Not even a tiny little Lakes Aquarium pencil thingy. I let A****** and R****** take a few pictures, hence the odd picture of a blurry fish / terrapin.

Sunday 24th March 2013

Trees, woods and stuff

Thursday 28th March 2013

Still alive
Really must update this blog thing with recent photos and what-not. Trouble is, there's also other things to do . . .

Friday 29th March 2013

P3295056.JPGP3295057.JPGThere's a few things going on here . . . I'm loving that this clock has some kind of radio-controlled facility to set itself automatically to the correct time. It's showing the same time as my work lap-top, which being Windows, is slightly off by 1.5 seconds (+/- 0.025) . . . so yeah . . . wall clock shows the same time as I'm thinking in this day and age, clocks really have no excuse any more, for being out-of-sync. In the other picture, I've just hung up a birthday present from Jo that she bought me a long, long time ago; I think it's known as a 'rainbow catcher'. I'm not sure if M**** will appreciate the, er . . . placement of said rainbow catcher (I've used a drawing pin to pin it the top of the window frame thing), but we'll see . . .

A day out in Mallerstang
This morning we set out in a kind of Mallerstang way (Outhgill, to be slightly more accurate), to visit Anna, Justin and co. There was a lot of playing around in the snow as the boys hadn't really had a chance to do much of that this winter . . . and who doesn't enjoy sledging and snowball fights? So yeah . . . snow, sledging, then lunch, then more of the same, followed by a walk. Then, before we knew it, it was like five o'clock and we had to head back.

Saturday 30th March 2013

Waiting for a delivery that never turned up . . .
P3305156.JPGP3305158.JPG . . . which is a rather negative way to summarise today, perhaps rather unfairly. There was a lot of 'pottering' about today, on account of waiting for Next to drop off a few rugs. Pottering kind of meant tidying up, hoovering, putting clean clothes away, et cetera. I learnt recently that Latin pronunciation means that for every vowel / diphthong, there is also a syllable. Fascinating. So anyway . . . we were gonna try out each of these rugs in our kitchen diner thing, decide the one we wanted and return the other two. And why on earth not? One does not lightly purchase something like a rug, after all. The rug we currently have, the one we bought in Kendal all those many years ago (almost eight years ago) is still going strong but it's freakin' red, and that just doesn't work out here. So . . . rugs, yeah.P3305163.JPG Erm . . . so that flower, A****** insisted I take a picture, it being our first flower in the back garden this year or something. During the course of the day, it kind of opened out, hence the second picture. Anyway, rugs never turned up. Next thought to ring us to let us know at about 3pm, or thereabouts. Yeah, thanks for that. We then popped into town for the requisite egg things . . . everywhere sold out . . . so ended up at the petrol station opposite Skerton school. Ah well. Then a quick walk around Williamson Park and we're done.

Sunday 31st March 2013

Easter Egg hunt, followed by Grizedale