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Monday 1st February 2010

A****** - trust me, the television's definitely broken
img_4186.jpgimg_4185.jpg So here's me rushing around, trying to get the children ready for school/nursery (and myself ready for work) and A****** is like, "Dad, can I watch television?" and, of course, the answer is, "Erm . . . no, we're about to go, A******. No time." Little did I realise exactly what he meant by watching television. The old CRT TV is no more - one of the guns (or the circuitry controlling the guns) can't really do much red any more and it's all just a mess. I took the opportunity to replace the TV with a 22" LCD monitor wired up to a computer with a TV decoder PCI card built in. The only problem now is the noisy PSU. Hmmmmmmmm.

Saturday 6th February 2010

img_4199.jpg The camera doesn't really capture it here, of course, but throughout today there was a mist that kept kind of rising and falling, before eventually settling to a uniform, thick greyness throughout the afternoon.

Saturday 13th February 2010

Carlisle Castle
Above are various pictures from our day out in Carlisle. Apparently I've been here before but I don't remember . . . must have been a long time ago.

Monday 15th February 2010

Most of the pictures are above are taken from our walk somewhere around Halton/Caton. We started at Woodie's car park (I'm only calling it that because Paul Woodruff's locally renowned bacon buttie van often hangs around here) and then went down the steps towards the Crook o'Lune. We crossed a pedestrian bridge over the Lune and then followed a tarmac path that I don't think I had ever been on before. As it transpired, it went towards Caton. By the time we reached Caton, R****** and A****** were both starting to whinge a bit, so we headed back. See, this week is A******'s half term, so I took today off work to look after the pair of them. The day consisted of: pop to town, drop A******'s disposable camera off at Boot's, head to Halton, feed the cats, go for a walk, go home, have lunch, watch the Empire Strikes Back . . . do some tidying up, wash some clothes . . . dinner time, etc.

Tuesday 23rd February 2010

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img_4309.jpgimg_4304.jpgimg_4303.jpgimg_4297.jpg M**** was thinking, "Hey! We haven't had a decent picture of A****** and R****** together for, like, ages," so I had to jump around like a buffoon behind M**** whilst M**** tried to get a picture of them. I guess we were partly successful. R******'s current thing is going, "That daddy bart," whenever he hears the escape of intestinal gases. Of course, he'll img_4312.jpg replace 'daddy' with whoever was the culprit at the time . . . it's just usually me, I guess. Oh, and broccoli is 'brocky', which is kind of funny. A****** found that hilarious first time he heard him say that. "No brocky, daddy. No brocky." EAT YOUR GREENS! EAT THEM!

Saturday 27th February 2010

jazā’ir banī mazghannā
Damn it. You know, I really should have taken my camera with me today (I was actually thinking of that before I left) when I went for a walk with R****** to work. I had to go to work to turn on my work PC, in order to allow me to do some work from home. That mission failed, as someone had taken all the office keys home with them for the weekend . . . ah well. Exactly why my PC had been turned off remains a mystery, but hey . . . So, we walked past some sorry excuse for a pond (adjacent to the dog graves . . . I don't have time to explain) and there was this freakin' great big heron, just stood there. I was like, "Hey, R******, check out the heron. Let's have a closer look." And yeah . . . a heron. Weirdness. We had a little walk around the campus and then headed home for lunch. Not a great deal else happened today. Typical Saturday - loads of cleaning, tidying, etc.

Sunday 28th February 2010

Pepperpot, Silverdale
img_4325.jpgimg_4327.jpgimg_4328.jpgimg_4330.jpgimg_4331.jpg I think we're somewhere around Silverdale. When we first set off on this walk, I noticed something suspicious on R******'s foot - dog excretia, the bane of my life. I was like, "Erm, M****, I think there's some dog poo on R******'s foot," and we were like stopped on the side of the path, trying to take the shoe off without any further contamination. Just then, a dog owner (with her dog) stopped and said to us, "I must apologise on behalf of dog owners," and I was like, "Well, I'm sure it's just a tiny minority who allow this to happen," and she was like, "It is! But that's all it takes. Just one dog and it ruins it for everyone. I'm so sorry." Which I thought was kinda sweet. img_4343.jpgimg_4337.jpgimg_4334.jpgimg_4333.jpg Anyway, the problem was soon dealt with and we carried on, R****** quite soon deciding that he wasn't really up for walking. Good job we took the carrier. We were vaguely wondering if the law allows for a man to be out in the woods, whittling wood with a knife. Kind of okay, we decided.