Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Saturday 11th December 2010

img_6251.jpg Can't really remember too much about this . . . I just remember thinking, "Oooo, it's a clear day . . . in Arnside. That doesn't happen often." Oh, and we went to get the Christmas tree. Yes, that was it.

Sunday 12th December 2010

Santa Special, Haverthwaite

Saturday 18th December 2010

The marriage of Simon and Beccy
Today was fun. We had to be at Simon and Beccy's wedding for . . . I think it was 13:30 when the ceremony began properly. So, travelling from Lancaster, we naturally left at about 6:30am . . . or maybe it was earlier than that. Hmmm. Not sure. Either way, our first challenge was getting around the inclined corner at the end of Windsor Avenue. It had snowed overnight and our car isn't really designed for going up-hill through snow. It took a few minutes but I kept the car in first gear, just using the clutch and we got round eventually. And I think that was the biggest challenge we faced that day. Driving through Shap was slow as we were down to pretty much one lane (and even that lane was snow covered except for two channels ploughed out by the tyres of other vehicles) and I seem to recall there were similar conditions around Lockerbie. But hey . . . it just meant travelling at 50mph instead of 70/80mph. No harm. We got to Glasgow with plenty of time spare. The rest of the day might possibly speak for itself through the medium of the pictures shown above and the many (thousands?!) of other pictures taken.

Friday 24th December 2010

Perfect timing for diseases
img_6322.jpg I'm trying to think when it all started . . . Well, any kind of large, social gathering has the potential to spread germs and bacteria, so maybe we need to go back to last weekend. So I think it would have been Sunday through to Tuesday that I felt distinctly 'not right'. I struggled to work and managed to shake off most of the symptoms but was left with a streaming nose (?!), sore throat and cough. img_6323.jpg M****, on the other hand, either contracted something far worse or else had the same thing as I but suffered far more. Either way, around about Wednesday / Thursday, M**** was definitely not feeling good, so I had to take time off work to look after the children. We were meant to host a family get-together at our house today but M**** just wasn't up to it. Apart from a brave attempt at a walk around Clougha, M**** spent most of today in bed, I think.

Tuesday 28th December 2010

In the Branchiopoda, the most basal group of crustaceans, there is no metamorphosis
img_6324.jpgimg_6325.jpgimg_6328.jpgimg_6330.jpgimg_6332.jpg I'm quite impressed by that title. I did a Wiki search for Grasmere (yes, we're there again) and kept following hyperlinks until I came to a page that had something to do with crustaceans. So, yeah . . . there is a link, a tenuous link.