Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Saturday 6th November 2010

A****** gets busy with the camera

Simon's stag do. GAS! GAS! GAS! GAS!
This is confusing. See, the clock on my camera was two hours out for all these pictures. So, those first three pictures were apparently taken around one o'clock in the morning today. In truth, it was actually more like 11pm the previous night . . . hence the fireworks and sparklers. But whatever . . . after breakfast at the YHA, we gathered outside for a brief kinda run-down by the organisers of the plan for today. Somehow, I arrived halfway through this and perhaps missed something important . . . I dunno. Anyway . . . me, Mark, Mick and Stuart were in the middle vehicle (car no. 2), whilst Nick (one of the organisers) was in the front vehicle (car no. 1) and Adam (another organiser) accompanying the remainder of the group in the rear vehicle (car no. 3). We were linked by walkie talkies, so I didn't need mine after all. We had the Mitsubishi and the other two were Land Rovers of some description. And so we took turns, driving these crazy vehicles along paths that really didn't seem navigable (?!) by vehicles, but we just trusted the instructors and got on with it. So where were we? I remember Hawkshead, Outgate and emerging by the Grizedale visitor centre, then somewhere around Coniston, Elterwater, blah, blah, blah. We had lunch at a pub near Coniston. The exact route was confusing as these weren't the kind of trails/roads I was familiar with. But hey . . . it was all good stuff. Although sitting in the back of one of these vehicles, hungover, rocking about all over the place, doesn't half make you aware of your stomach and its contents.

Sunday 7th November 2010


Saturday 13th November 2010


Sunday 14th November 2010

Almost at Sheffield . . .

Saturday 27th November 2010

This time, however, the lay people of Z├╝rich, the dioceses of Chur and Basel, the University of Basel, and the twelve members of the Confederation were also invited
img_6196.jpgimg_6200.jpg Last weekend was a bit of a disaster. I hired this 'portable airless paint sprayer' (from HSS - where else?), M**** and A****** went to Cheltenham and R****** spent a bit of time with nanna-grandpa-with-the-two-cats. So, I had some time to myself. I was meant to be painting the hallway and the little box room thing, free of distractions. I got about two hours of painting done with this wretched paint spraying device before it kind of gave up on me, continuously losing pressure and spitting paint out in feeble little dribbles. Of course, had I started earlier I might have gone, "Ah well, might as well resort to brushes and rollers then." But no . . . Meanwhile, I've got paint on carpets (which we were intending to replace anyway), paint on the windows, paint on the bathroom lino, paint everywhere . . . All this week, in my spare time in the evening, I have been trying to catch up on the decorating, furiously priming and painting throughout the hallway and box room. I'm kind of getting there but it's getting to that point (i.e. nearly all the emulsion applied) where I need to start painting woodwork with that wretched gloss stuff. We've had to empty the box room, which has meant odd pieces of furniture lying around in odd parts of the house. Chest of drawers in the hallway? A****** and R****** have been sleeping in the same room (i.e. the box room WAS R******'s bedroom) but the excitement of that seems to have worn off now, with both of them usually waking up at about 07:30 every morning.

Sunday 28th November 2010

Levens Park, snow . . . November?!