Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Saturday 5th October 2013

The Spider
PA057021.JPGPA057008.JPGPA057005.JPGPA057003.JPGCheck out this beast. This little beauty had formed a web about three / four feet from the ground, right in the way of the path to the woodshed. It was fascinating watching him build his web, which I'm assuming was a daily task. Over time, the spider learnt to build the web about eight foot from the ground, although that meant I had to watch out for his guy ropes attached to the wooden pallets.

Sunday 6th October 2013


Saturday 12th October 2013

Wild Boar Park, somewhere near Chipping
PA127068.JPGPA127070.JPGPA127072.JPG A****** was off with Cubs, doing a day trip to Manchester . . . I think the Museum of Science and Industry. So we were like, "R******, where would you like to go today?" and, after a bit of guidance and suggestion, we settled for the Wild Boar Park.20131012_212042.jpg20131012_212036.jpgI think it's called that. This place has an amazing café, selling really cheap, simple, unpretentious food. Love it. I got me a boar burger, which seemed appropriate. And yeah . . . we had a good wander around, and the place was fairly quiet, so it was all good. I love this place, actually. Shame it's a fair old drive to get here, but hey . . . can't have everything. Those two pictures to the right there . . . those are the wretched take-away nacho things that we ordered from 'Go Burrito'. The picture can't really convey how hideous and luke-warm this stuff was. The guy who took the order had attitude, like I was inconveniencing him, and the food was somewhere between poor and average, depending on what you had ordered and your level of hunger, I guess. Add that to the ever-growing list of food places in Lancaster never to order take-away food from.

Saturday 19th October 2013

the horizontal component of tension is not necessarily constant
Where was M**** today? I can't recall . . . possibly not feeling well. Anyway . . . I took the boys out for a quick walk to Clougha, pausing briefly to check out the obligatory geocache. R****** was so close to swapping his blue, plastic, bear pencil-end thing for the pipe-cleaner donkey . . . thing, found in the geocache box . . . but no . . . he decided against it. Log book signed, pictures taken, we went for a walk, this time heading right at the fork, towards the marsh and, beyond that, the woods.

Saturday 26th October 2013

. . . and the horizontal tensions are not well approximated
PA267107.JPGPA267105.JPGPA267104.JPGPA267103.JPG Looks like we're back at Clougha again, this time heading left at the fork, towards the bridge . . . but we didn't get that far.

Thursday 31st October 2013

All Hallows' Eve
PA317108.JPGPA317112.JPGPA317126.JPG The obligatory long-exposure photographs of the jack-o-lantern. Really must branch out with the face shapes here.