Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Saturday 2nd October 2010

M****'s got this idea that if you mention some fantastical, rarely-visited place to someone, anyone then . . . that's it - it'll get swamped by visitors. So this is one of our favourite places to go for a walk with the boys, where we know they can run around largely unhindered by danger and/or people. Still, R****** managed to go stumbling around in some brambles, tripping over and getting his hand cut on said brambles. But hey, I guess you gotta learn somehow.

Sunday 3rd October 2010

The Castle of Dude
img_5912.jpgimg_5913.jpgimg_5914.jpgimg_5915.jpgI think the logic here (in taking these pictures) was that, having lost the assembly instructions for this castle, the pictures here should help us put it back together . . . which they have, as it happens. I think this thing's meant to be called the 'Tower of Doom' or something but that got corrupted into the Castle of Dude. Seemed to work better.

Saturday 9th October 2010

Chester Zoo
A sub-title for this should be, "Look, mummy - that rhino's trying to give that other rhino a piggy-back." Dunno what was going on that day but loads of them were at it, A****** at one point whispering to me, "Daddy, that elephant's got a big willy." There's not really much you can say to that.

Thursday 14th October 2010

Hal Lewis: My Resignation From The American Physical Society
To quote Einstein, "man defends himself from being regarded as an impotent object in the course of the universe."

Saturday 23rd October 2010

Holiday, begin!!!
img_5945.jpgimg_5948.jpgimg_5949.jpg Now, of course, I wouldn't ordinarily advertise when my holidays begin/end as who knows what kind of freaks are reading this, who know full well where I live? So, whilst I'm off work for the next week, we have no plans to venture far. We've found that prices for holiday homes in the kinds of place we want to stay (pretty much no more than a three hour drive away . . . which seems reasonable) are outrageously expensive. It would be cheaper and easier to book a flight to Spain and hire a villa for a week. So screw that. Anyway . . . today I was expecting some fire wood to be delivered, at about 09:30. After delivery, I was like, "So, how much do I owe you?" and he was like, "Well, I now charge £3 a bag but, since you've ordered 25 bags, I'll do it for £2.50 a bag," so I was fishing around in my pockets for the money and I says, "Okay, cool. So that's £62.50 then," and he was like, "£60," and whilst I was thinking, "That doesn't add up," and perhaps this guy ain't too hot at maths (was I taking advantage here?) I just kinda paused for a second or two and then said, "Okay, I'm happy with that," and gave him £60. Of course, this time last year I was charged £50 for 25 bags of logs, but then I always thought that was quite a bargain. Yeah, anyway . . . Then I had to go to the bank (accompanied by A******), pick up some food from town and then back home for lunch. After sticking all the wood into the wood-shed ("She said, there's something in the . . . " etc.), we went for a walk around Silverdale. As is custom for the first delivery of fire-wood, we now have the living room outrageously warm.

Sunday 24th October 2010


Monday 25th October 2010

Freakin' paving stones

Tuesday 26th October 2010

The Yealands
Another walk amongst the trees and limestone somewhere around The Yealands, as I suppose I could call them. During our walk we stumbled upon somewhere we've never been, a place featuring a tree with twigs delicately arranged between two branches, in order to create a kind of ladder effect. It felt like we were in some kind of ancient meeting place, due to the topology of the land (kind of like a small amphitheatre) and also the 'seats' afforded by the limestone.

Thursday 28th October 2010

Eskdale / Ravenglass . . . blah, blah, blah

Saturday 30th October 2010

Somewhere around Grasmere

Sunday 31st October 2010

All Hallow's Eve
So yeah . . . there's the usual Jack O'Lantern with my usual scary eye/mouth combo. R****** was dressed as a . . . er . . . as a R****** with face paint. I think he was a tiger. A****** was dressed as a wizard, obviously. A****** attended a friend's Halloween party kind of around late afternoon, early evening. That was kind of weird as there were something like 6 or 7 children there (including A******) and A****** was the only boy. Okay. They did some trick or treating and then I collected A****** and there a couple of hours of being the recipients (?!) to trick or treaters. M****, as ever, was fully prepared for all of this.