Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Saturday 4th December 2021

Delamere Forest, some kind of light show
I think I need a little more practice with night photography or maybe I could have just gone, "Ah, sod it," and set it to auto-mode and let the camera work it out. Dunno if that would have been any better. Anyway, there we are. Delamere Forest.

Saturday 18th December 2021

A misty day in the Lakes
Yeah, I know . . . six pictures that looks all very similar. I was experimenting with various different aperture / ISO / shutter settings and some combinations worked out better than others. I can't be bothered to delete the ones that didn't work out.

Sunday 19th December 2021

Somewhere around Conder Green, maybe
So I think the boys were at Ashton Road Garden Centre, doing some Christmas shopping, so I went for a walk. A lot of mist still lingering on . . . I only really liked the last of these images here, but p'raps the others have merit, or maybe I can't be bothered to look through them all and decide one way or another.

. . . and then later on, back at home

Saturday 25th December 2021


Tuesday 28th December 2021

Hello? Fairy Steps?!