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Monday 17th Jul 2023 09:14:46
Go karting!
Today we (me, Pop, A****** and R******) went go-karting, somewhere on the outskirts of Preston. Oh, but we went for lunch first, at The Barn (Scorton). After an, erm . . . interesting journey there (A****** driving with R****** in the Peugeot; me and Pop in Pop's car), involving a couple of missed junctions, we got to the go-karting place with plenty of time to spare (my planning had included contingencies to allow for delays on the roads, fortunately). The go-karts were all electric, and had to be recharged after a 15-minute run, but we managed to get three 15-minute sessions out of them, and it was all good, with the boys (naturally) winning most of the races. Over the next few days, after the go-karting, there was much achiness and soreness. Ouch. But worth it!

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