Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Monday 18th Feb 2019 23:02:28
Stonehenge, in the rain
Don't think the pictures really get across the amount of rain here, plus it got a lot worse after the last picture was taken. You might think, "Hey, there can't be many tourists at Stonehenge when it's chucking it down with rain," but a lot of these tourists have been dropped off from a coach on some kind of scheduled UK tour thing, so they don't really get too much choice. The rain wasn't exactly forecasted either. Why's forecasted underlined? What's wrong with that? Anyway . . . Yeah, so . . . We walked from the visitor centre, to the henge about 2km from there. That took about 30 minutes. The rain got steadily worse and whilst waiting in the queue for the complimentary bus back to the visitor centre, it became almost torrential, with a strong wind giving it a kind of 45 degree slant. Me and M****** formed a rain shield, largely for Max. M****** sensibly observed, "Why is there no bus shelter? Or any kind of information boards between the visitor centre and the henge? And why is there no designated pedestrian walkway, rather than the pavement and the road being delineated by nothing more than a line of paint?" Lots of questions, lots of failings.

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