Bellerophon symbol, variation 7
Thursday 16th Aug 2018 21:07:57
A return to Winchester
P8162691.JPGP8162692.JPGP8162693.JPGP8162695.JPGP8162697.JPGIt's funny when you work in a certain place - you don't always get a chance to explore the tourist attractions. Whilst working in Winchester, I never quite had the chance to visit the cathedral, quite possibly because by the time I finished work, it would either have been shut, or I would have been heading towards the train station, getting the train back home. So here I am, Winchester cathedral, admiring the crazy stained-glass window, that was put back together by locals after Cromwell's forces kind of ruined the original. I love the thought process that must have occurred here, "Shall we try to put back the pieces back roughly how they were?" "No, I think it's best to try very deliberately to make sure that the pieces have almost 0% resemblance to how they were originally. That would definitely be the best option here. Just go totally abstract."

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